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Verloop.io Partners with Orange Fox to Drive Customer Engagement

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Verloop.io Partners with Orange Fox to Drive Customer Engagement

Verloop.io, the leading specialist in conversational AI for customer support, announced today a partnership with Orange Fox, an IT and Marketing Automation services and solutions company with a presence in the United States, Canada and Pakistan. Orange Fox helps businesses solve problems inherent to the technology in use, by helping them optimise their tech stack and deliver compelling and effective results.

With Verloop.io, brands can deploy conversational AI automation into new channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Voice or SMS from a single platform. This enables brands to reduce their customer support operational expenses, increase their customer engagement and improve their contact centre efficiency. 

Orange Fox’s domain expertise helps it to map and create digital journeys with a wide range of solutions catering to the Multi-channel Marketing Platform, Conversational AI chatbot, workflow automation, and customer experience.

Imtiaz N Mohammad, says “Brands have always looked at ways to increase their customer engagement. With Verloop.io, a brand can now easily build and deploy conversational customer support within days to build delightful experiences. We look at Verloop.io as the Operating System for Customer Support. Building delightful customer support is the only moat that brands do have today, given all the competition.”

Gaurav Singh, CEO and Founder of Verloop.io, says “Verloop.io and Orange Fox share the same passion for building delightful customer experiences. Our partnership with Orange Fox is exciting and we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.”  

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