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Analysing Agents Conversations Just Became Easier – Introducing Sparks

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Analysing Agents Conversations Just Became Easier – Introducing Sparks

An average agent handles more than 250 conversations each month, addressing customer inquiries and delivering sales-focused experiences. This substantial workload places a considerable burden on managers and quality analysts (QAs). Reviewing all conversations within the required timeframe is nearly impossible, resulting in missed conversation assessments. 

But if we tell you now, there is a way where a QA can now easily check all the conversations for SLAs, escalations and overall quality of the engagement in a heartbeat. 

Yes, you heard us right!

We bring you a solution – LLM-powered Sparks by Verloop.io. This tool enables QAs to effortlessly examine all conversations for SLAs, escalations, and overall engagement quality in an instant. With Sparks, quality assurance becomes quicker and more efficient, ensuring no conversation analysis is overlooked.

Before we get started, let us quickly tell you about the Sparks.

Introducing Sparks – A Game-Changer in Conversation Analysis

In its Phase 1 release, Sparks is a transformative feature that empowers administrators to elevate conversation analysis by creating and managing specific instances known as Sparks. These Sparks offer valuable insights, allowing managers and QA to track defined instances in conversations. 

For instance, they can create a Spark to check if the agent has greeted the customer at the start of the conversation. Simply add the prompt to define the Spark and add the instance checklist with instructions and you are all set. This feature enables a seamless check of individual conversations or the entire database to ensure adherence to defined criteria as SLAs. 

QAs can check if a particular agent is adhering to the defined SLAs, or script or not. Sparks can revolutionise the efficiency of conversation monitoring and quality assurance.

Sparks additionally enable managers to review instance occurrences and their frequency within a single conversation or across the entire conversation database.

Now you must be thinking, why did we decide to create a solution like Sparks? 

Let us tell you why. 

Why is Spark Needed?

Many organisations delivering customer support through interactions grapple with the challenge of maintaining consistent and high-quality service. A key issue they face is the inefficient and inconsistent nature of quality control processes for conversations, marked by the following challenges:

1. Manual Quality Control

 Presently, quality control heavily relies on human agents manually selecting and reviewing a small percentage (typically 1-2%) of conversations handled by support agents. This approach is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and often lacks thoroughness due to its limited scope.

2. Inadequate Sampling

The limited sample size chosen for quality control may not accurately represent the full spectrum of customer interactions. This oversight can lead to critical issues being missed, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and potential harm to the organisation’s reputation.

3. Lack of Real-Time Feedback

The existing quality control process needs a swift feedback cycle for support agents. This limitation means that agents may miss the opportunity to address issues, resulting in suboptimal customer experiences promptly.

4. Resource Allocation

Organisations allocate substantial human resources to manual quality control efforts, resources that could be more strategically utilised for tasks like agent training and process improvement, rather than repetitive and time-consuming manual reviews.

5. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Organisations face challenges in gathering comprehensive data on conversations for analysis and improvement. The absence of data-driven insights hinders the ability to identify trends, patterns in agent performance, and areas for process optimisation.

Benefit of Sparks

1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Sparks are set to revolutionise the quality control process by automatically identifying and spotlighting critical instances within each conversation, be it in chat or voice. This eliminates the necessity for manual selection and review by human quality control, conserving valuable time and resources.

2. Elevated Precision

Through the thorough examination of every interaction via Sparks, we ensure a more comprehensive and consistent assessment of quality. This diminishes the risk of overlooking crucial issues or trends that might escape notice in manual sampling.

3. Swift Feedback in Real Time

Sparks introduces rapid feedback for agents on interactions, enabling them to make timely adjustments. This contributes to improved customer service and issue resolution, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of customer interactions.

4. Insights Driven by Data

Sparks empowers us to amass an extensive dataset on interactions, allowing the identification of common trends, patterns in agent performance, and areas for improvement in the support process. By leveraging this data, we can make informed, data-driven decisions to optimise our support operations.

5. Optimised Resource Utilisation

Through the automation of the quality control process, Sparks assists organisations in allocating human resources more effectively. Quality assurance teams can shift their focus to developing and refining Sparks’ algorithms and rules, reducing the substantial time spent on manual reviews.

6. Cost-Efficiency

The reduction in manual quality control efforts translates into cost savings over time. This encompasses diminished labour costs associated with manual quality checks and the potential for increased revenue through heightened customer satisfaction and retention.

7. Unmatched Scale

In the day to day of QA processes, achieving unparalleled scale is pivotal for ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions and driving operational excellence. Verloop.io’s Sparks, powered by Gen AI, stands out by enabling organizations to analyse 100% of interactions, ushering in a transformative approach to QA.

Adaptive Intelligence, Tailored to Your Business

In the dynamic landscape of conversational AI, Verloop.io’s Sparks introduces a new era of adaptive intelligence, meticulously crafted to align with the unique contours of your business. 

Tailored Automation Rules – Crafted for Your Business Goals

In stark contrast to rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions, Sparks invites businesses to define and refine their automation rules in alignment with specific business objectives. This tailored approach ensures that the automation rules resonate with the nuances of your industry, customer interactions, and overarching organizational goals. Whether your focus is on compliance, customer satisfaction, or operational efficiency, Sparks provides the flexibility to customise automation rules, bringing unparalleled relevance to your QA processes.

Agile and Flexible

Conversations within your industry can be diverse, nuanced, and dynamic. Sparks, equipped with agile and flexible capabilities, adapts to the intricacies of your business dialogue. The user-friendly calibration process empowers your team to enhance machine-driven results, fostering a continuous feedback loop that refines Sparks’ understanding of your unique conversation nuances. This agile framework ensures accuracy in every insight, allowing your organization to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of customer interactions.

Gradual Automation Adoption

Sparks recognises that trust is paramount in the adoption of AI-driven automation. To provide organizations with the assurance they need, Sparks advocates for a gradual and controlled pace of automation. The platform allows businesses to start with a cautious approach, gradually increasing the automation pace as trust and confidence grow. This phased deployment strategy ensures that organizations can leverage the full power of AI to streamline QA processes without compromising the stability or quality of their operations.

Revolutionising Conversation Analysis with Sparks

As we embark on a new era of customer support, Sparks by Verloop.io emerges as the catalyst for transformative change. The burden of manual quality control processes, inadequate sampling, and the lack of real-time feedback are now relics of the past. With Sparks, conversation analysis becomes an art mastered through automation, precision, and data-driven insights.

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