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From In-house to Online, This Retail Brand Knows How to Deliver Delightful CX

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From In-house to Online, This Retail Brand Knows How to Deliver Delightful CX

Businesses that dare to dream are the ones to grow. As aptly put by the English poet T.S. Elliott, only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. 

Growing a business, more or less, works the same way. 

There are risks, pitfalls, survival chaos, and everything in between. But the most important challenge we forget to take into account with scale is our in-house capacity to handle the change. Especially, customer support. Companies are working their way to provide efficient online customer service, especially in today’s digital-first world.

As the customer pool rises along with upscaling, so does the incoming flow of customer queries. More customers, more customer support tickets to handle. At one point, it becomes too much for a manned support team to take on by themselves.

Something similar happened to one of our jewellery eCommerce clients.

The Challenge: Answering customer queries with speed and accuracy

Our luxury retail and eCommerce client receives hundreds of chat queries from their customers and referrals about the existing product portfolio, product catalogue, pricing, making charges, offers and discounts, scheduling a store visit, etc. While the nature of queries keeps changing along the lifecycle of the item bought, one thing that remains the same is the customer experience they have because that is what keeps them coming back to the store. 

However, as the business grew, the volume of chat queries kept increasing and the shoppers started becoming more digital savvy. The loyal customer base who have been buying through traditional channels are now looking for a seamless online shopping experience – thanks to the advent of social media and messaging platforms and the next generation of shoppers in the family.

It became imperative for the brand to match up to the customer expectations and deliver a delightful support experience at all possible touch points. One such crucial touch point was customer support, where customers keep raising concerns or queries day-in and day-out on various crucial as well as trivial matters. 

Luxery Etailer-Case-study-quote-1

The solution: Building the future of customer support

How do you handle online customers?! 

The jewellery e-tailer was looking for an answer to this question with a support automation solution that was not a mere fix but a robust solution to building a delightful support experience for its customers today and tomorrow. 

From being proactive in reaching out to their customers about upcoming Holiday and Festival offers to inform them about discounts and new product launches – the brand wanted to reach out to the customers with the right information and keep them engaged with the brand.

And this is where Verloop.io pitched in with its Outreach on WhatsApp. With Outreach, a brand can send templatised messages to its customers. These messages can be in the form of images, videos, GIFs, carousel images, boxes with CTA, list items or simple buttons. In addition, these messages can be sent to segmented users as part of a campaign, depending upon the business’s needs.

The luxury retail brand used this feature to its advantage by sharing the product catalogue with its customers every time new products got launched. 

“We could now send multiple images as a broadcast to multiple users at a given time.” 

And when the customer replied, enquiring about the product, the AI-powered chatbot handled a majority of the queries. A lot of support queries though happen to be repetitive in nature such as the price of products, explanation on making charges, delivery date of a product ordered, availability of a particular jewellery item, and after-sales service. 

This saved the company and its support executives a lot of time by replacing this repetitive manual task. And the team could now spend time answering questions which needed manual intervention.

The power of a smart FAQ builder

Verloop.io’s AI-powered FAQ builder has helped our client answer these queries using bots without having to disturb the entire team. In order to keep the team informed about the chatbot’s performance (accuracy of the bot, time saved, bot deflection rate, etc.), Verloop.io sends Weekly insights and monthly reports that are auto-triggered and can also be downloaded manually from the 360-degree analytics dashboard integrated with the Verloop.io platform.

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The business impact: Tangible results in terms of faster, more accurate support and customer satisfaction

“Verloop.io has helped us improve the response quality and accuracy and reduced the follow-up questions from customers considerably. It has reduced the overall complexity that we were facing while handling the customer queries”

says the brand.

Verloop.io, which seamlessly fits into the existing tech stack, augments the customer experience without businesses having to ramp up their support teams and is a win-win for both, the businesses and their customers. 

It has helped them relook at and redefine how customer support is viewed within traditional businesses like jewellery retail. The client has asserted its position as a brand that is contemporary and bold by adding cutting-edge tech products such as Verloop.io’s conversational AI for customer support! 

End result: Witnessing a high Customer Satisfaction score (CSAT) and bot accuracy with Verloop.io. And the interesting thing is the queries are being handled in both English and a local language which is a showstopper for local shoppers that happen to be a major chunk of the brand’s lifelong clientele. 

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Benefits of online customer service with Verloop.io

We are building a holistic customer support automation operating system for the growing businesses of today. Online customer service and support need automation. So, what makes good customer service? Read more to find out!

  • Be available round the clock
  • Answer FAQs with accuracy at lightning speed with Verloop.io’s custom-built FAQ builder.
  • Go truly omnichannel with automated support across channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, in-app and on your own website!
  • Engage with customers in real-time, improve and maintain consistent user experiences wherever they go.
  • Converse with users in their own language with native support for multiple languages!
  • Know what your customers love or don’t with AI-powered smart analytics that helps you visualise and chart user behaviour right in front of you!

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What are examples of good customer service? Let’s answer that for you.

Verloop.io is pioneering digital customer service for businesses around the world. Whether it’s a small local business in India or a large conglomerate in the UAE, our AI delivers 

delightful customer support experiences across the board.

Used by 5000+ brands globally across verticals such as eCommerce, retail, BFSI, Fintech, Edtech, logistics, real estate and travel, our clients are examples of great customer support including Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Food Crowd, Midtrans, Frontier Markets, Cleartrip, Dar Al Arkan, Decathlon, DSP Mutual Fund, Kanmo Group, Livpure, Nykaa, Rentomojo, Scripbox, Watanai, etc. 

Want to make your user’s online customer service experience happy? A free demo should help you clear most of your questions!

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