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Verloop.io Named in Gartner’s Competitive Landscape: Conversational AI Platform Providers

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Verloop.io Named in Gartner’s Competitive Landscape: Conversational AI Platform Providers

Digital experiences will continue to be the driving force behind Conversational AI in the coming years. A combination of natural language processing, advanced bot flows, and real-time actionable insights is going to pave the way for a more fluid conversation between businesses and their consumers. 

Gartner’s report, “Competitive Landscape: Conversational AI Platform Providers”, which was published on 31 October 2022, is an extremely significant report that analyses vendors’ products and strategies in a Conversational AI space & how vendors differ in their competitive approach in the market.

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that Verloop.io has been recognized as a representative vendor in this report by Gartner!

According to Gartner, competition in the conversational AI platform market is fierce, with high growth opportunities attracting a myriad of providers. They go on to state that differentiation is still challenging since the majority of vendors have a product-based narrative as opposed to leading with use-case-based ROI assessments.

To ensure that we are better than the rest and stay relevant for longer, we are working hard to create a templatised and reusable model with vernacular AI capabilities, support interactions across synchronous and asynchronous digital channels and built on non-standard use-cases such as KYC verification, conversational commerce, etc. 

Verloop.io, as you all know, is a leading Conversational AI provider for Customer Support committed to its vision of building the Operating System for Customer Support. We are an omnichannel and multilingual support automation platform.

Verloop.io enable chats and customer queries across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, and web and mobile apps in more than 20+ languages. We offer seamless integration with over 100+ tech products for our support platform to talk with the rest of the tech stack in real-time. Our AI and ML models are continuously trained over 4B+ queries to provide a delightful support experience to businesses and their end customers across industries.

In case you want to read the article, the ID is G00774810 and it requires a (paid) login. Schedule a demo below if you want to know more about Verloop.io’s Conversational AI and the features we offer.

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