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Verloop.io in Forrester’s New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service In India Report

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Verloop.io in Forrester’s New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service In India Report

Conversational AI is revolutionising how customer service is seen and managed and has undergone a complete metamorphosis in the last few years. From suggesting products to the shoppers on websites and mobile apps, fine-tuning search results on eCommerce stores, upselling and cross-selling products, reducing cart-abandonment rates, using entity recognition techniques and intent classification systems to establishing contextual relevance, from voicebots and chatbots, to text and speech-based voice assistants, Conversational AI has found a plethora of use-cases in recent times. While Conversational AI is a key to driving digital transformation, customer service is deemed to be the finest of the use-cases of Conversational AI. 

In lieu of the increasing need and relevance for Conversational AI across industries and sectors, Forrester has published a report highlighting emerging providers of Conversational AI for Customer Service in India. The report is titled – New Tech: Conversational AI for Customer Service in India, Q1, 2022. We are super stoked to share that Verloop.io has been recognised by Forrester in the aforementioned report. 

This report categorises the vendors in two categories viz: Omnichannel Conversational AI stack and Specialised Conversational AI stack. [Please find the report here, Forrester sign in required] Verloop.io has been mentioned under the Omnichannel Conversational AI stack.

Verloop.io, as you all know, is a leading Conversational AI provider for Customer Support committed to its vision of building the Operating System for Customer Support. We are an omnichannel and multilingual support automation platform. Verloop.io enable chats and customer queries across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, web and mobile apps in more than 20+ languages. We offer seamless integration with more than 100+ tech products for our support platform to talk with the rest of the tech stack in real-time. Our AI and ML models are continuously trained over 4B+ queries to provide a delightful support experience to businesses and their end customers across industries.

According to Forrester, 80% of Indian shoppers expect companies they interact with to have mobile-friendly websites or mobile apps and 71% of shoppers expect to be able to interact with these brands via a virtual assistant. This makes for a strong case for Conversational AI to transform customer support services for businesses. According to the report, “India-based startups for conversational AI bring more nuanced frameworks and a future-fit tech strategy focused on platforms, partnerships, and practises to deliver value faster.” And that is what we at Verloop.io are aiming for with our Voice and Chat AI capabilities. 

To ensure that we are better than the rest and stay relevant for longer, we are working hard to create a templatised and reusable model with vernacular AI capabilities, support interactions across synchronous and asynchronous digital channels and built on non-standard use-cases such as KYC verification, conversational commerce, etc. 

What remains to be seen is – How Conversational AI is going to drive conversational commerce for businesses across India and the globe in the years to come!

About Verloop.io: Verloop.io is the world’s leading AI-powered customer support automation platform. It helps businesses deliver delightful support experiences to their customers. Verloop.io enables businesses to run a 24×7 support function for the customers using Voice and Chat AI. It helps brands scale and grow their business with a chatbot platform that is omnichannel, multilingual and handles more than 200 million unique users with a 92% support query deflection rate. Verloop’s vision is to build the Operating System for customer support.

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