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Elevate Customer Experiences with Feedback Bots

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Elevate Customer Experiences with Feedback Bots

For any business, customer feedback is a primary determinant of change and progression. It informs you about the effectiveness of your service, the problems your product is solving in the market, and the problems with your product.

Yet, gathering this feedback often relies on time-consuming customer feedback forms and slow emails. As a result, customer reviews tend to swing between the extremes and report only the most negative or highly positive experiences. 

One way to solve this problem for good is through a smart chatbot! Chatbots are the future of human engagement and streamline the process end-to-end.  

Why are Chatbots Essential for Optimising Customer Experience?

Chatbots are integral to an elevated customer experience and are here to stay. They’re becoming increasingly popular with consumers as they get used to them.

According to a survey by Gartner, chatbots will serve as the primary channel for customer service for several organisations (1/4th, to be precise) by 2027.

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Companies cannot manage what they do not measure, and feedback bots are the perfect tool for providing a live or ongoing measurement of customer experience.

Imagine how useful it would be if you could ask your customers about their mindsets and attitudes weekly.

These conversations help you gather data about what’s working and what needs to be improved to optimise the customer experience.

But what’s more important is that they also help businesses collect feedback on how their customers interact with their products or services.

This enables them to improve upon their existing strategies and come up with new ones that will help them sustain growth in the long run.

Why is A Feedback Chatbot Preferred? 

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for companies to interact with their customers. A recent survey found that 74% of consumers have used a chatbot, and 94% think they’re the future of customer service.

But what happens when you want to get feedback from those customers? How do you collect it?

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1. Conversational

The feedback bot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to parse responses and generate NPS scores and other metrics that give you actionable insights into how you can improve your product or service.

2. Contextual

The next time your customer wants to give feedback, they’ll be able to do so directly from your website, so they can easily remember any other details or search for the right place.

This makes it easier to answer questions like “How do you rate this?” or “What do you think about X?” where X could be anything from a feature request to an onboarding flow change, as answering these questions feels like a part of the process for them.

3. Engagement-Driven 

Feedback bots can ask questions based on what people say, follow up with more questions when needed and offer suggestions for improvement based on the answers received.

This makes them much more engaging than traditional surveys, and they feel like they’re having an actual conversation with someone.

4. Sentiment Analysis

A feedback bot is good at collecting data because they allow users to answer questions without leaving any traces behind. They can recognise a user’s mood (satisfied, dissatisfied, or even confused) and respond or redirect the conversation accordingly.

A feedback button can be placed anywhere on a page, including the bottom of a chat conversation, to gather user input.

An analytics dashboard can be set up to track how many people interact with the feedback button, what they say and how often it’s clicked.

5. Instant Feedback

Feedback bots are designed to be prompt, so your customers will never feel like waiting. This translates into higher engagement rates and more satisfied with your brand.

You’ll get real-time insights into their needs and preferences, which will help you troubleshoot any hiccups effectively. 

6. Elevated Reach

One of the great things about chatbots is their reach. You can reach millions of people with just a few lines of code.

And if your bot has an AI layer, it can be more than just a simple text-based interaction; it will also have voice control and other features that allow users to interact with your bot differently.

You can easily send surveys without creating a new email list or manually sending emails individually. All you need is your company’s existing Facebook page or business page.

How Can You Use Chatbots to Collect Feedback?

Chatbots are a great way to collect feedback from customers. They can be used in multiple scenarios, and you can use them as a customer support tool or even as a sales assistant. Here are some examples: 

1) Collecting Feedback on Your Website

You might want to use a feedback chatbot to ask your visitors for feedback on their experience while visiting your site.

This is especially useful if you want to know what people think about particular products or services they viewed on your site. The future of customer feedback is conversational and interactive.

Some businesses already use smiling faces, question marks, or thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons when getting customer feedback.

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2) Collecting Feedback from Potential Customers

You can also use chatbots to collect feedback from potential customers who haven’t yet bought anything from your business but might be interested in doing so in the future (e.g., during Christmas).

Here are some ways how! 

a) In-app Chatbot Surveys: You can use in-app survey software like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, SurveyGizmo, Canvas and Google Forms to ask questions about your chatbot.

For example, if you’re creating a weather bot, you could ask people what temperature they prefer in the summer months.

You can also use these tools to get feedback on specific features of your bot — for example, asking whether or not users like being able to change the temperature by adding or subtracting one degree from their current setting.

b) Live Chat Sessions: If you’ve already launched your chatbot but would like more information about how people interact with it, consider hosting live chats with customers via Facebook Messenger or another platform where people are already using your bot (like Twitter).

During these sessions, ask them questions about how they use the bots and what they want to see changed or added to improve their experience.

c) Prompt Feedback: Ask questions in the conversation thread with your bot, such as “How did you like my response?” or “What could I improve?” This way, users don’t have to leave the conversation thread to give feedback.

Get A Feedback Chatbot for Your Business Today!

The benefits of having a chatbot to answer and assist online customers are well established. 

For example, 

  • They are always available
  • They can assist multiple users at once 
  • They can reduce the tedium experienced by agents. 

There are many ways to improve the chatbot experience and personalise the connection for collecting feedback and insights, and Verloop.io excels at all of them! 

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo with our experts and optimise Verloop.io’s chatbots to quickly build and deploy chatbots that engage in meaningful conversations across any channel at scale.

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