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10 Best Facebook Chatbot Examples & Use Cases

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10 Best Facebook Chatbot Examples & Use Cases

Being a platform with massive traffic, this is the best opportunity for businesses to use the Facebook Messenger chatbot, and Facebook chatbots have been around for a long time. They have offered a smooth platform for the business to effectively connect with the customers, especially during a pandemic. 

As one of the finest social media platforms, Facebook has grown tremendously, offering businesses a platform to connect to a more extensive customer base. 

Facebook is easy to access and is the third most used application, with over 68% of application users only. Being a platform with massive traffic, this is the best opportunity for businesses to use the Facebook Messenger chatbot. 

So, let us look at what is a Facebook chatbot and move on to how to use the chatbot for FB.

Table of Contents

  1. Facebook chatbot and its need
  2. Examples & use cases of Facebook chatbots
  3. Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Friendly business strategy

Facebook chatbot and its need

Smartphones and innovative apps are essential tools to navigate day-to-day life in the 21st century! Messaging apps are consistently ranking at the top when it comes to intelligent apps, as messaging applications are helping people connect,  offering them options to elevate their quality of life, and are willing to talk to chatbots to streamline every process! 

Some of the everyday use cases of the Facebook Messenger chatbot are to offer personalised suggestions, real-time answers, quick assistance and build loyalty with the customers. 

So the question that frequently comes up is why a business needs the Facebook Messenger chatbot. We list a few reasons below:

  • One of the tools is simple to use by the business and the customer.
  • The smoothest platform for the business and customer to have end-to-end communication without any interruptions.
  • An excellent option for businesses to capture the market, as most customers are already on the platform.
  • The best Facebook chatbot examples ensure the customer is being served 24*7.

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Facebook chatbot examples & use cases

Many millennials and Gen-Zs engage with social media apps and bots on those platforms daily, which makes Facebook Messenger chatbot important to every business. 

The top Facebook chatbot examples that have impacted the business world are listed below:

Chatbots are used in business in various aspects, and the use cases range from feedback to queries to assisting the customer in making potential purchases.

The top Facebook chatbot examples that have created an impact on the business world are listed down below:

1. Designing a chatbot to keep customers informed

The first thing the business focuses on while designing the chatbot is keeping the customers informed.

The best example of an application that focuses on keeping its users informed is The Wall Street Journal. Their chatbot personalises and lists all the user’s data and wishes they’d like to see daily. It then ensures that the customised data reaches the users seamlessly. 

wall street journal facebook chatbot

By offering the key financial metrics and live stock quotes, along with the latest news posts, this is one of the most exemplary Facebook chatbot examples.

2. Collecting feedback is vital for decision making

There are innumerable decisions that a business needs to make on the way. Since most decisions are based on customer feedback, using the Facebook Messenger chatbot to collect the feedback is essential.

surveybot facebook chatbot

Surveybot is one of the finest examples that allows the business to collect information related to the customer, behaviour, preference, and experience, allowing one to smoothly plan the future course of action.

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3. Making the purchase experience quick and easy

The use of the Facebook chatbot in making purchases is surreal. Allowing the users to surf through the available content and selecting the one best suited to them makes chatbots a great tool. 

dominos facebook chatbot

For example, Domino’s Pizza’s Facebook Messenger chatbot offers the complete details of the variants available, lets you order, track, review and even suggests notable additions making the purchase experience unforgettable.

4. Scheduling store visit

One can not buy everything from home. Sephora, in this respect, has stepped forward in implementing a chatbot on Facebook Messenger to let customers schedule store visits. It allows users to select the store they would like to visit and try the product. 

sephora facebook chatbot

The Facebook chatbot use cases here allow the visitors to fix an appointment to test the beauty products or even go for service appointments with the help of a series of questions and triggers initiated. Allowing the scheduling feature saves the customers time and offers them a unique experience and satisfaction, building trust and loyalty.

5. Boosting the sales for the businesses

When a business implements any tool, the main aim is to boost sales. The Facebook Messenger chatbot is the best example of boosting sales by promoting and suggesting relevant products. 

decathlon facebook chatbot

Decathlon is an excellent example of customers connecting with the brand and navigating between a myriad of products. Within the store, not every item will catch a visiting customer’s eye. But thanks to Facebook, customers can scan through various products according to their liking and choice, and reach out to the brand regarding these products with the help of the Facebook chatbot available 24/7! 

6. Notifying about the upcoming events

There are various events that the company might organise in the year. Brands indulge in seasonal offers and discounts that can help them attract customers and increase sales. 

hubspot facebook chatbot

Various Facebook Messenger chatbot ensures to send the users timely updates about the events to come and share offers to people expected to be there. An example of a company doing this is Hubspot. They found the response rates on Facebook Messenger chatbots to be more than that of email.

7. Booking stay and travel activities 

Another great use of chatbots on Facebook is to help users initiate travel and hotel bookings. Various platforms employ chatbots to offer options to the user to select from the available facility and proceed with bookings. 

thrillark facebook chatbot

Thrillark is a company offering exciting and eye-catching experiences all across the Middle East. One can trust Thrillark to take care of the travel hassles, and with a well-functioning chatbot in place, to tackle any roadblocks or uncertainties that come in the way! 

8. Helping with your health

With social media offering a unique platform to all businesses, even the health industry has become well-versed in offering a healthy and informed experience to any user on the platform. 

Fitterfly optimises Facebook Chatbots to guide users regarding diabetic care, weight management and managing sleep, stress and overall health better! 

fitterfly facebook chatbot

The Fitterfly team has an army of experienced doctors, nutritionists, and fitness experts working together to increase the quality of life & health of people struggling with diabetes. 

9. Keeping you entertained and occupied

Have you ever thought AI could assist you and keep you entertained when you can’t sleep at night? If not, then the Facebook Messenger chatbot offered by Spotify makes a great tool and a great jukebox! The chatbot on Messenger helps your friends discover and share music within chats for you to reach that perfect song that helps you calm down your jumpy thoughts at night. 

This Facebook chatbot has the ability to make music recommendations based on mood, activity or genre and give you a captivating musical experience. 

10. Offering options that customers might like

And we’ve saved the best one for the last! 

Conversational chatbots use artificial intelligence, which can predict the choices and preferences of the customers while communicating. Businesses use it as a tool of silent salesmanship where the chatbot offers options that the customer might like, thereby increasing sales. 

One great  Facebook Chatbot example for this is National Geographic. The Facebook Chatbot for National Geographic engages a user with quizzes, shares beautiful and unique snapshots of animals and wildlife, impersonates the mighty Albert Einstein, and optimises their marketing strategies with this same bot for their 49 million followers on the platform, leading to an increase in efficiency, operational costs and profit margins. 

Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Friendly business strategy

The chatbot for Facebook messenger is friendly and straightforward to use. 

Facebook is still the most popular social network with over a billion active users every single day. 

The main aim of any business is to earn a profit by any and every means available. With people edging towards online platforms and social media for their day-to-day needs, it’s a strategic and long-term dive for businesses to shift there, too. Thus, for the business to succeed and proceed in a competitive environment, the Facebook Messenger chatbot is the best tool for enterprises and small businesses to connect seamlessly with the more extensive customer base. 

Verloop.io combines Conversational AI and Facebook Messenger to help companies provide seamless and delightful support to their customers. Schedule a demo with our experts today to optimise the best strategies you can offer your customers! 


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