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Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI: Enhancing Customer Support and Marketing Strategies

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Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI: Enhancing Customer Support and Marketing Strategies

Businesses worldwide always look for ways to stay ahead of their competition and improve their operations. One way they do this is by adapting quickly to new technologies that emerge in the market, and industries have spoken, and the verdict is clear: Conversational AI is a force to be reckoned with.

This cutting-edge technology has revolutionised customer experiences across diverse sectors, from banking and retail to healthcare and hospitality. Additionally, the conversational AI market had a valuation of USD 6.18 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 23.6% between 2022 and 2030, according to Grandview Research.

So, in this article, we will explore the benefits of Conversational AI in customer engagement, support, and marketing and how it can help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

What’s the Problem?

To better understand why Conversational AI-driven tools are so effective, it’s essential first to recognise the flaws in the current customer engagement and support system.

In the age of instant gratification and on-demand service, the traditional customer engagement and support system falls short in meeting the ever-increasing demands and expectations of customers. Long wait times, repetitive inquiries, and frustrating experiences with automated phone systems are just a few of the inefficiencies that plague the current system. 

For decades, companies have utilised a process that involves the following:

  • A client has a product desire/problem,
  • They’ve identified a channel for details/grievance redressal and
  • Talked to a representative of the company.

This process can result in shortcomings which often lead to dissatisfied customers, lost sales, and more. It is evident that a new approach is needed to keep up with the rapidly evolving customer service landscape and customer demands.

This is where Conversational AI-driven tools can offer a solution. A report by IBM reveals that chatbots can reduce customer service costs by up to 30% and more now with the launch of Generative Conversational AI. Therefore, by automating certain tasks and providing instant and accurate responses to customer queries, Conversational AI can significantly reduce the need for human support and thereby help businesses save costs.

Revolutionising Marketing with Conversational AI

One of the key applications of conversational AI is marketing, where tools like chatbots are deployed to promote products and services and generate sales. Depending on the business objectives, these chatbots can perform simple functions like answering queries or more advanced operations like sentiment analysis.

The flexibility of chatbot marketing means that it can be deployed on any digital platform owned or operated by the business, from website landing pages and mobile apps to social media platforms and internal portals. 

The selection of the right channel depends on various parameters, including 

  • the target audience’s demographic
  • psychographic segmentation
  • the nature of the business, and 
  • the type of content.

By leveraging the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), conversational AI tools can engage potential customers in natural, human-like conversations that quickly identify their needs and help in the following ways! 

1. Streamlining Lead Generation and Qualification

Conversational AI provides an exceptional opportunity for businesses to streamline their lead generation and qualification processes. By engaging potential customers in natural, human-like conversations, these tools can quickly identify their needs and collect preliminary details that help qualify leads. Once the information is collected, it can be passed on to agents who can then prepare more effectively, ultimately increasing the chances of conversion. Additionally, brands can leverage conversational AI tools to run sponsored ads on social media platforms, leading to higher click-through rates and more meaningful conversations with prospects.

2. Delivering Personalised Shopping Experiences

The use of conversational AI tools in online shopping can revolutionise the customer experience. With the ability to collect and analyse customer data, these tools can provide personalised recommendations, helping customers find what they need quickly and easily. Conversational AI tools can also engage with customers at critical moments in their buyer’s journey, providing expert guidance and nudging them to purchase. With AI-powered recommendation engines, conversational AI tools can understand the intent behind purchases and suggest the right add-ons at the right time, leading to higher conversion rates and increased average cart values.

3. Re-engaging Customers

Customer retention is a critical aspect of any successful business. However, almost 70% of online shopping carts get abandoned, leaving businesses struggling to re-engage these customers. Fortunately, conversational AI tools can help businesses recover lost sales by re-engaging customers who have dropped off during the purchase journey. These tools can retain context, recover customers’ carts, and remind them of items they previously selected. By sending messages at different sales funnel stages, such as abandoned cart messages, product back-in-stock reminders, product recommendation messages based on recent purchases, new product messages, discount offers, and feedback forms, conversational AI tools can reconnect with customers who haven’t shopped in a while, ultimately increasing customer loyalty and retention rates.

The Five C’s of Conversational AI – Elevating Your Support  Strategy

Dynamic AI technology has revolutionised the customer support landscape, offering businesses and organisations an incredible opportunity to engage their customers in natural, human-like conversations. With the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), you can now understand and respond to customer queries, identify their needs, and deliver personalized recommendations.

Here’s how Verloop.io can step in and elevate your customer support!

Consistent – With Verloop.io’s Conversational AI, you can bid adieu to human error and welcome a smoother lead generation and conversion process. These self-learning bots constantly adapt, resulting in a more efficient and error-free experience.

Context Driven – Our chatbots are capable of understanding the customer’s emotions and adjust their behavior accordingly. Whether it’s age, gender, or location, Verloop.io’s AI-powered chatbots deliver an impressive conversion rate of 20%, compared to a meager 3% on webforms.

Conversational –  Our AI tools replicate human interaction seamlessly, helping you establish a more personal connection with your customers. From using natural language to one-word commands, our chatbots bridge the gap in your social communication, reducing customer loss.

Compatible – Our AI Tools are flexible, adaptable, and compatible with every business function, from lead generation to automated sales. A simple pop-up on the bottom right of the screen is all it takes to open up a world of possibilities.

Cost-Effective – With Verloop.io’s by your side, you can say goodbye to expensive alternatives and opt for an affordable and outright steal of a deal at just $29 a month. That’s equivalent to only two hours of service from a BPO.

Discover how you can improve your customer support strategy. Schedule a demo with us and experience the difference.

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