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Shifting from Code-Based to No-Code Conversational AI Solutions

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Shifting from Code-Based to No-Code Conversational AI Solutions

The shift from traditional code-based automation development to no-code AI solutions has revolutionised how enterprises approach CX automation. In the past, chatbot development was the domain of specialised developers, but today, the rise of no-code CX automation technologies has changed the game.

Gartner predicts that the no-code development technologies market will grow by 20% in this year (2023).

Gone are the days when chatbot development was solely the responsibility of specialised developers skilled in coding languages and software development methodologies. With the advent of no-code CX automation technologies, the scenario has shifted. Businesses are now empowered to create custom conversational AI solutions and automate complex processes without relying on specialised developers. This approach gives businesses more control over their services and more freedom to shape their customer experiences.

The blog explains what a no-code conversational AI solution is, how it works and some of its benefits.

Table of Contents:

I. What is a No-Code Conversational AI Solution?

II. The Great Debate: Code vs. No-Code Automation Development

III. What are the Benefits of Using a No-Code Conversational AI Solution?

IV. How Does a No-Code Conversational AI Solution Work?

V. Revolutionizing Business Operations: The Impact of No-Code Conversational AI Solutions 

What is A No-Code Conversational AI Solution

The no-code conversational AI solution is a conversation application created without using any codes or programming language. Meaning anyone without a knowledge of programming or mastery of a particular computer language can create these automated solutions. It is thus an ideal solution for citizen developers wishing to set up automated processes on their website.

The Great Debate: Code vs. No-Code Automation Development

1. Purpose

The primary purpose of no-code automation development is to simplify the process of building chatbots. And enable citizen developers to create their chatbots with ease.

Whereas code-based automation development aims to create a chatbot with specific and personalised functionalities. And you cannot accomplish those functionalities through pre-designed components or templates.

2. Expertise 

Traditional automation development involves a deep understanding of technologies and techniques for creating sophisticated applications. And to handle these apps properly, one must have high technical skills in the field.

On the other hand, no-code automation development doesn’t require vast tools and functions. They need a minimum set of tools to develop applications. Therefore, anyone with a non-technical background can establish and manage the application.

3. Cost

Traditional automation development can be costlier. That’s because the development team builds the codebase from scratch. That requires time, effort as well as expertise. And skilled professionals are usually in high demand, so their costs can be relatively high. Moreover, the infrastructures like tools, cloud computing resources, API, and development environment add to the price. And not to mention the regular maintenance and upgrading costs.

No-code chatbots are comparatively cheaper than their traditional counterparts because the organisation only has to pay for service access, not its development.

4. Integration

A code-based chatbot allows remarkable flexibility for integration with a wide range of systems and APIs. That’s because the programmers have complete command over the chatbot’s functionality. At the same time, the experts can frequently maintain and update the functions as intended.

On the contrary, no-code automation development is limited regarding its integration capabilities. They have to rely on pre-built integrations provided by the chatbot builder platform. Therefore, the functionality and integration could be more flexible and open to popular services like Facebook Messenger, Slack, or WhatsApp. It makes them less suitable for complex tasks.

5. Maintenance

With traditional code-based automation development, maintenance is a significant discomfort. Any revisions or updates demand a dedicated in-house development team to execute changes. At the same time, the process is tedious. It requires teams to plan, design, and test that follows users’ training in recent changes.

In any chatbot, changes and updates are taken care of by the company that owns the platform—making the whole maintenance process simpler.

What Are the Benefits of Using A No-Code Conversational AI Solution?

Here are some advantages of using a no-code conversational AI solution in your business.

Benefits of Using A No-Code Chatbot Solution

1. Lower Costs

First, no-code chatbot development includes pre-built components like dialogue flows, user input fields, and integration tools. So it doesn’t require businesses to hire software developers or programmers to build the chatbot from scratch. As a result, it saves a significant cost of hiring or developing the chatbot.

2. Easier Maintenance 

Most of the no-code chatbot platforms are hosted in the cloud. That means the chatbot’s data and software are stored and accessed remotely. You can handle it from anywhere with an internet connection.

That eliminates the need for on-site manual updates and maintenance. It makes the entire process easier. Also, since there is no extensive coding and programming, users can easily modify the workflow if needed.

3. Faster Development Time 

One of the crucial aspects of the no-code chatbot platform is its quick deployment. You can develop your no-code chatbot application as much as ten times faster than the traditional code-based chatbot.

You can build the chatbot with drag-and-drop functionality and quickly test it with a built-in testing facility. And quickly make the changes as necessary. It is overall, making the development process faster.

4. Enhance Productivity 

The business team can create their application without relying on IT. No-code chatbot platform saves IT time and allows them to focus on high-value activities.

As a result, there are faster resolution times and more efficient use of resources. In addition, using chatbots to automate routine tasks reduces the chance of mistakes. It improves productivity by removing the need for redoing or manual work.

How Does A No Code Conversational AI Solution Work?  

A no-code conversational AI solution works based on pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop interface and creates a conversational experience. The user initiates conversation with the chatbot via various platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or your website.

The chatbot then uses NLP to interpret the user’s message and analyse its intent. Based on the interpretation, the chatbot forms a response and sends it back to the user. It can be in the form of text images, videos, or links to other pages.

After the message has been sent, the user follows up with more questions. Based on that, the no-code chatbot continues the conversation, offers additional information, and takes relevant action.

And on integrating a no-code chatbot with tools like CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, or payment gateways. It can perform more complex tasks like processing orders, booking appointments, or providing personalised recommendations.

Types of Text-Based Assistants That Can be Built Using the No-Code Platform

1. FAQ 

No code FAQ chatbot is an automation tool designed to provide information on frequent concerns that people have about a product or service. These chatbots are often used on websites or in customer service applications. The primary purpose of the no-code FAQ chatbot is not to deal with complex questions. But to answer questions that are most common with pre-programmed answers.

2. Lead Generation 

A lead generation chatbot is created to identify and attract potential customers. They help identify high-quality leads that are more likely to convert. 

They do so by asking for and gathering various information like the user’s contact information, needs, preferences, budget, etc. And based on the report, they help businesses qualify and segment the leads.

3. Customer Service 

No-code customer service AI tool is programmed to handle simple tasks, escalate complex tickets to human agents, and provide tailored recommendations based on customer history. 

It assists customers with problems like billing issues, product defects, etc., or helps provide various tutorials and guidance on how to use the product. The customer service chatbot is also very useful in collecting customers’ feedback on their experiences.

4. eCommerce 

eCommerce based Conversational AI solutions help customers to find products online for purchase. You can programme their e-commerce chatbot to help customers with product recommendations, process orders, and answer queries regarding shipping and returns. 

Online retailers and e-commerce businesses make the most out of no-code CX automation to assist customers with shopping-related. For instance, product search, selection and purchase. It offers a checkout facility and guides them through payment options, shipping details and billing information.

5. HR 

The Human Resource automation tool helps with onboarding by screening resumes and documents. It shares new information on company policies, benefits, etc. 

HR chatbots can be integrated with various HR platforms, such as employee portals and HR management systems and then assist with tasks like answering employees’ questions, performance evaluation, expense reimbursements, etc.

How to Build a No-Code Conversational AI Solution?  

Follow the steps given below to help yourself through the process of selecting the right Conversational AI Solution Provider and designing a conversational flow.

Step 1: Define A Purpose 

Before you create your no-code automation tool, be clear about how you want this automation to function. Do you want the chatbot for customer support automation, FAQs, or lead generation? It can be anything or maybe all. Along with that, identify the features of a chatbot that you would find helpful.

Step 2: Decide Where You Want Your Chatbot to Appear 

Now analyse what channel your customer uses the most to contact you. Is it social media or via a live chat widget on your website?

Once you figure out the right channel, check whether the chatbot platform integrates with the existing systems.

Step 3: Choose the No-Code Conversational AI Platform 

You can easily create a chatbot with building blocks using chatbot builders offered by various no-code CX automation platforms. Simply choose the one that meets your specific requirements and preferences.

Step 4: Design Your AI Tool’s Conversation 

You can create the conversation flow for your no-code chatbot by dragging and dropping building blocks. Create a sequence of questions and answers to guide the users through chat. Write the messages that your chatbot will send the visitors. It can be greetings, responses to user input, or CTA.

Step 5: Test Your AI Tool 

To see if everything works as it should, test it using the tools provided by your chosen platform. Test the chatbot, keeping the end users in mind.

Step 6: Deploy Your AI Tool 

Once you’re satisfied with your chatbot, now you can publish it on any platform you’ve chosen. The users will directly interact with you.

Revolutionizing Business Operations: The Impact of No-Code Conversational AI Solutions

With the escalating use of Conversational AI solutions, the role of no-code AI builders will likely become even more prominent. Since it’s easy to create, businesses can enhance the customer experience and boost efficiency while saving time and money using AI tools.

In short, the no-code CX automation platform holds promise for future automation. It paves a solid and accessible path for businesses and individuals to create effective solutions and improve customer communication. By employing these AI tools, companies can lead the way and provide a more effortless and memorable customer experience.

To experience the benefits of no-code Conversational AI solutions for yourself, schedule a demo with the Verloop.io team and let us take your business to the next level with cutting-edge AI technology.

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