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Voicebot Benefits for Your Customer Support Team in 2023

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Voicebot Benefits for Your Customer Support Team in 2023

When the market is full of products that offer the same value, businesses need to provide value-added services to stand out from the crowd. Offering excellent assistance in customer support services will win you the competitive business landscape. And this is where your customer experience team sees the voicebot benefits.

Helping customers resolve their queries quickly makes the customer feel delighted and listened to. However, do you know what the average phone wait time is to connect to customer support? 

According to BenchmarkPortal, the average call duration across all types of call centres is 5.97 minutes. Moreover, an agent places a phone call on hold for an average of 1 minute and 53 seconds.

Voicebots can reduce these numbers by answering repetitive and generic questions on their own and letting the support staff pick up urgent and complex queries.

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Voice AI and Voicebots—A Quick View

In simple terms, a voicebot is an AI-powered conversational tool that uses natural language (NLU) to understand the customer’s speech and reply accordingly. Because it is quick and accurate, the voicebot is a great tool to deliver customer satisfaction.

Simple voicebots that are customer-oriented help users perform basic tasks on a day-to-day basis. Right from booking meetings to ordering food. And if they can integrate with your customer databases, their benefit increases 10x with personalised service and automated operations.

Voicebot Benefits: Why Adding A Voicebot Should be Your Customer Support Team’s #1 Priority?

Calling the call centre and listening to the IVR is frustrating. This creates a customer experience on the hostile front that can lead to the loss of the potential client.

However, if you replace the outdated IVR with an AI-powered voicebot, you can flip the CX to a positive one. Adding a voicebot to your customer service efforts offers the following key benefits:

1. Cater to More People Quickly

The number of calls reaching a customer support team is immense, whereas the resources are limited. Adding a voicebot can help divert the common queries to the AI, allowing quick service to a more extensive customer base.

Some use cases of voicebot include intelligent inbound query resolution and routing, automated verification, and appointment booking.

2. Significantly Shorten Wait Times

The long wait period in the customer support queue is one of the primary reasons for customer dissatisfaction. One bad experience can lead to a customer jumping to a competitor’s service. Hence, the business can use a voicebot service to handle multiple queries at a single point in time.

By allowing bots to answer common questions, a company can significantly reduce the call wait time. And with the unified customer profile that it provides, agents can see customers’ historical data and reduce the time taken to resolve complex queries.

3. Be There When They Are with 24×7 Accessibility

Voice-based chatbots offer quicker resolutions as compared to text-based chatbots. But if one thing is common between them, it’s round-the-clock availability. A customer can connect anytime with the voicebot to get answers to their questions. Be it off business hours or when the company is on a holiday break.

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4. Don’t Let Your Customers Repeat Themselves

The customer service team is excellent at their job, but remembering every detail related to the customer is impossible. Transferring calls from agent to agent requires you to repeat the question or problem, which is one reason for dissatisfaction.

AI powered conversational voicebots not only share a unified customer profile with customers’ historical data but also carries forward context from one channel to another, providing a true omnichannel support experience.

5. Personalise Individually, Power Up Conversions

Users are giving companies many opportunities to interact with them. But to convert a user to a customer, how you deliver these interactions matters. And the only correct way is to provide a unique personalised interaction.

Using AI technology that integrates with your various tools, you can match the customer’s needs and offer tailor-made resolutions. A good voicebot will integrate with your tools and systems to make this possible.

6. Save Bucks and Hours

The primary aim of the business is to earn profits. With the voicebot service option integrated with the customer support team, businesses can shift the repetitive tasks from teams to bots. This will save time, reduce the chances of error, and increase productivity. It also reduces the need for extra staff during peak periods and minimises the training needs, which is cost-savvy.

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Voicebot benefits infographic
Voicebot benefits in customer service and support

Voicebot And Customer Support: Service Quality Approach

To conclude, voicebot service and assistance are one of the most impressive advancements in recent years. Offering users the ability to connect with voicebots and have their issues answered has decreased the pressure on employees and eased the transfer of general and recurrent questions to a rapid resolution model. 

As per Campaign Monitor, 74% of the respondents prefer using voice technology for their queries. Several applications in insurance, travel, banking, eCommerce, and real estate use voicebots due to their numerous advantages.

Verloop.io offers conversational and generative AI to help businesses and customer support teams reduce time, cost, and pressure while ensuring effectiveness is maintained as the top priority.

Take a demo from our experts to understand how it can benefit your business.

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