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Product Tuesday: Verloop.io’s Easy to Create CSAT Form

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Product Tuesday: Verloop.io’s Easy to Create CSAT Form

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of the business. It can be improved by designing customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys to understand how satisfied they are with your product and services. This “Customer Satisfaction Survey” helps the company to understand the view of the customer and take appropriate action to improve the business.

But collecting it from customers in itself is a huge task. The traditional method of taking the survey is tedious, monotonous and time-consuming. That is why most customers don’t end up filling out the survey form.

Keeping this in mind we are starting our new segment #producttuesday, and in the very first post, we are covering our freshly launched easy-to-design interactive CSAT survey form embedded in our conversational AI solution.

But before we go ahead, let’s clear out a few definitions and the importance of customer satisfaction surveys.

CSAT Explained


CSAT stands for customer satisfaction and it is a way for businesses to measure customer satisfaction with the products and services they provide. 


And CSAT forms are an important tool for businesses to capture CSAT score and comments, to understand how they can improve their customer service experience and ensure customer satisfaction. 

The results from these forms can provide a wealth of information about customer perceptions and expectations and help businesses understand what customers need and value. They also provide valuable feedback on how well customer service agents (and bots, if you’ve moved to conversational AI already) are performing and can be used to identify areas that need improvement. 

Now that is out of the way, let’s understand why the CSAT collection is important.

Benefits of CSAT Collection

There are many advantages to using CSAT forms, but the most important is that they provide the voice of customers and allow businesses to improve their customer service.

Customer’s Voice 

It allow customers to provide feedback about their experience and offer suggestions for improvement. This feedback can help businesses improve and make necessary changes, but it also allows customers to feel like they are appreciated and valued. Customer feedback is an important part of any business but often overlooked.

Improving customer service

Taking customer feedback into account can help businesses create a better experience for them. By understanding what customers value and how they feel, businesses can make the changes necessary to improve their customer service. Customer satisfaction is an important part of any business because it influences buying decisions.

Verloop.io’s CSAT Form

Our CSAT form, as explained earlier, is embedded in our conversational AI solution, so businesses can trigger it after every query resolution by the chatbot or agent. It can be deployed on any platform.

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook
  • Website

So no matter on which platform you choose to have a chatbot, you can customize the form as per your liking and trigger it post any form of query resolution.

Verloop.io’s CSAT form is designed keeping in mind the user’s problem like when to trigger the form or where to trigger the form. Here is a list of the problems that businesses face while designing the form:

  1. If the business cannot decide when to trigger the CSAT form
    • When the bot closes automatically and the conversion is handled by an agent, business do not want to send a CSAT
    • When the bot stops because of webhook failures, the business does not want to send CSAT 
    • A queued chat closes automatically, businesses do not want to send CSAT.
    • Businesses want to trigger CSAT based on chat status, such as waiting on me, waiting on the user, and other open chats.
    • Businesses want to custom enable/disable chats based on other chat parameters. As an example, if an outbound was triggered to the same number, the chatroom would be closed.
  2. Businesses want to enable/disable CSAT on a chatbot recipe level. They want to ask different CSAT for different recipes
  3. Customise till when the CSAT will be available for the end customer.
  4. The business wants to customise the CSAT message
  5. Businesses want to have wider options for CSAT scales. Example 1-7 etc.
  6. Businesses want CSAT to be handled inside the chat itself and not to be routed to a separate page.

Keeping the above problems in mind, Verloop.io has designed a pre-default form and given the option to businesses to design the form and question in 3 formats.

Verloop’s CSAT question Format

The form is a collection of 3 labels or question types:

  1. Rating: Under the Rating label, the admin can give the end users the option to give interaction satisfaction based on the following criteria
    • Star Rating: Out of 5 stars score
    • 1-5 Number: Customer Satisfaction from 1-5
    • Emoji: Customer Satisfaction based on good, bad, excellent, etc. emojis 
    • Thumbs: A simple thumbs up or thumbs down reaction
  1. Free Text: Text field option to submit a written feedback
  1. Button Group: It is a multi-select label in which the admin can give 1 to 15 different options for ratings. Per button character limit “20.”

 You can make any label:

  • Mandatory by clicking on the mandatory toggle button in the label settings.
  • Delete it
  • Or duplicate them as needed.

CSAT Reports

Verloop.io gives businesses the freedom to decide which questions they want to use for CSAT score and reporting, and which questions and comments they want to save for later use. We provide businesses with a comprehensive report on CSAT scores and comments, so they can always be connected to customers’ voices, with the help of our chatbots.

Get Voice of Customer on Verloop.io

Customer satisfaction surveys are an important part of any customer service strategy. They are the very soul of your customer’s voice. And with Verloop you can gain it by just enabling Verloop.io’s AI chatbot on your preferred channel, and know how your agents and bots are interacting with your customers and how satisfied your customers are with your product and service.

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