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By Anush Clive Fernandes / In Sales / August 21, 2019 / 3 Min read

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. Using WhatsApp’s click to chat feature, you can now easily create a WhatsApp Link and embed it on a site of your choice. Anyone who clicks on this link can start a chat with a number of your choice.

A WhatsApp Link can also open a chat with a prefilled message to send to the number.

You can create your own link in the field down below. Scroll to the bottom of the blog for best practices while creating your link.

Creating your link manually is just as easy. There are three primary parts of a click-to-chat WhatsApp link.

  1. The standard link.
  2. The phone number you’d like customers to text when they click the link.
  3. The template text to be displayed in the entry field when they click the link.
create whatsapp link breakdown

The link is divided into three parts.

A complete link would look like the following.



Why Are The Advantages of WhatsApp Links?

WhatsApp Links can help you generate a predefined message for your customers to reach out to you with. You can share this link with your audience when they interact with your digital assets. From websites and images to ads and emails, you can embed these links across your platform and talk to your customers in real-time.

Talking to your customers can also make your marketing and support functions more fluid. A WhatsApp Chat Link can help you collect your customers’ phone numbers, improving your lead generation and sales.

One of the advantages of having a WhatsApp Link is that a customer doesn’t undertake any effort to engage with you. No “contact us” forms to fill or emails to write. The user clicking the link doesn’t even have to save your number. Simply click the link and get chatting.

What Kind of Industries Can Benefit From Using a WhatsApp Link?

Additionally, Event Organizers, Sales and Marketing Representatives and Business Owners can also use WhatsApp links to power customer sales and support.


A Couple of Pointers to Remember.

  • When entering a phone number, ensure that you’ve omitted additional parameters that come with international phone numbers.
  • This includes any zeroes, brackets or dashes. A phone number that looks like “+91 9876543210” will be inputted as “https://wa.me/+919876543210/”.
  • Additionally, the phone number that your customers will reach out to should have an active WhatsApp account.
  • If you want to add a local (in-country) phone number instead to your phone’s address book, enter the number as if you were calling your contact on the phone.


As a bonus, here are some images that you can use as CTA’s on your website or ads and embed the link in.

WhatsApp click to chat image (Black)

WhatsApp Chat Link (Black)

WhatsApp click to chat image (white)

WhatsApp Chat Link (White)

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