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Supercharge E-commerce With a Bahasa Indonesia Chatbot

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Supercharge E-commerce With a Bahasa Indonesia Chatbot

Your Indonesian customers want to talk to you in their language – Bahasa Indonesia. Here is how deploying a chatbot that knows the language can skyrocket the CX you deliver.

Conversational AI is here to fix outdated support processes to make resolution cycles simple, quick, and most importantly, real time. However, customer support chatbots have been largely limited to English speaking markets. 

This left the large demographic in developing markets like Southeast Asia (SEA) untapped and relegated to using traditional customer support channels until now. Today, you can have a multilingual chatbot that can converse with users in not just English, but also Bahasa Indonesia. 

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into how using a multilingual chatbot can impact the e-commerce experience in Indonesia.

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Bahasa Indonesia chatbot: Becoming a brand your Indonesian users’ can identify with and relate to 

Users are scouring through the internet to consume content and shop online. And with so many options on offer, they’re more likely to choose a brand that they can relate to. 

As Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” 

This holds true for brands looking to penetrate emerging markets like SEA. The region has people who understand English, but most still want to communicate in their native language – Bahasa Indonesia.

You can deliver smooth e-commerce experiences with a chatbot that guides them through their purchase in their own language. 

A Harvard Business Review report suggests that 56.2% of consumers believe that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price. That’s saying something! 

Most shoppers tend to favour businesses that support their language. This is simply because users can initiate a meaningful dialogue with no language barriers.

Let’s put this into perspective

Annisa is your average Indonesian shopper looking to buy something from your site. She’s fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, but has barely elementary proficiency in English. She makes her way onto your site only to find that everything is in English and offers no customer support in her language. As a novice in English, she’s embarrassed to reach out to customer support with a query. Instead, she clicks away onto another site that offers customer support in both English and the language she’s fluent in – Bahasa Indonesia. 

Annisa is not alone, this is how most shoppers in SEA would react to a brand that is only available in English. If you’re a brand that’s looking to break into the SEA market, inclusivity and understanding of cultural differences should be at the top of your agenda. The last thing you want to do is alienate your customers by not offering customer support options in their native languages. 

If you’re trying to understand the impact AI chatbots today have on the eCommerce market of SEA, including Indonesia, check out this webinar we held for the region.

Why use a multilingual chatbot that supports Bahasa Indonesia?

Let me give you a real-life example! 

Kanmo Group, an Indonesian e-commerce platform, is a brilliant example of a brand that turned their business around by using multilingual chatbot support on their website. The website’s 97% of the target audience is receptive to Bahasa Indonesia. The company saw phenomenal results when it deployed a Bahasa Indonesia chatbot. A drastic 40% increase in first response time and a whopping 42% increase in agent productivity. 

Now that I have set the idea right with numbers, we’ll jump right into the ways a Bahasa Indonesia chatbot can help you scale your business in Indonesia!

1. Engage more in their language

Your users would stay engaged with your brand if they understand you. Offering a single-language chatbot does not do that. Your users in Indonesia are of diverse ethnicities who speak their home language Bahasa Indonesia. They are also looking to shop from places that respect their preferences. 

A Bahasa Indonesia-first chatbot would ensure your users can easily explain their problems with the chatbot responding just as effortlessly. This can make the shopping experience much more engaging and fruitful. 

2. Chat in Bahasa Indonesia and reduce call volume

Imagine your Bahasa Indonesia speaking user requires support for a hiccup they are facing with your product. They hop onto your website only to be greeted by an English-first chatbot. Now,

  1. They are unable to explain their problem in English
  2. Subsequently, they have to call you to speak to an agent who indeed speaks Bahasa Indonesia

A multilingual Bahasa Indonesia chatbot ensures this cycle is shortened by autonomously resolving your users’ queries right then in their own language. 

3. Break language barrier and boost satisfaction

Ever dreamed of having high CSAT scores that make people return to your website every time they want to shop online? Speaking to your users in their language makes them feel heard, valued, and attended to – boosting customer satisfaction. With a Bahasa Indonesia chatbot, support becomes a lot more accessible, lucid, and swift for your users.

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Take the pulse of your Indonesian audience with a Bahasa Indonesia chatbot

Indonesia is a country strongly rooted in its culture and linguistics. Unsurprisingly, Bahasa Indonesia is the language of their ease and choice. If you are planning to strengthen your foothold in the country, adapting your business to cater to them in their language – Indonesian, is the way to go. A multilingual chatbot that supports Bahasa Indonesia would let your Indonesian customers relate and feel belonged to. 

That’s the notion we, at Verloop.io, strive to effectuate – renovating the idea of customer support for your people. Our conversational AI algorithms are trained to support 20+ languages across geos, which, you guessed right, includes Bahasa Indonesia. Our team would love to show you this in reality through a free demo. 

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