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Faster, Smarter, Better — AI is Improving Customer Service

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Faster, Smarter, Better — AI is Improving Customer Service

In today’s competitive market, customer experience is the new battleground, and AI is the weapon of choice of brands looking to gain an edge. With its ability to make customer service faster, smarter, and better, AI is bringing a revolutionary change in the way customers interact with brands.

Gone are the days when customer service was just an afterthought. Today, it’s at the forefront of every brand’s strategy. Why? 

Because happy customers are returning customers, and companies know that providing the best customer service is crucial to retain their customers.

However, delivering top-notch customer service is no easy feat. That’s why customer-centric companies are turning to AI software and AI as a service to help them with it. According to David Kelnar, in his 2019 keynote, The State of AI, “One in 10 companies today has ten or more live AI applications. The most popular include chatbots, general process automation tools and fraud analytics.”

The Role of AI in Meeting Customer Expectations 

Customer expectations are evolving, and they are no longer comparing brands to just their competitors, but to the best experiences they’ve ever had. To keep up, brands need to deliver a consistent, fast, personalised, and self-service experience. Customers want to solve their issues alone without having to repeat themselves.

AI in customer service can help brands meet these expectations by automating tasks and streamlining contact centre operations. In fact, according to a recent report, 31.7% of global companies are already using AI in customer service, and the numbers are growing.

Examples of AI in Customer Service 

AI is not just a buzzword; it’s a reality that’s transforming customer service. Here are some examples of how companies are using AI to improve customer service:

1. Automating Frequently Asked Questions and Enable Self-Service 

Customers don’t like waiting, and they want quick solutions. AI software automates frequently asked questions, providing real-time solutions to customers. By understanding the intent behind the question, AI chatbots can engage with customers within seconds and solve simple issues, empowering customers to resolve some of their product issues at their convenience.

2. 24×7 Availability 

With AI chatbots, companies can provide round-the-clock customer support. The availability of automated solutions at any time of the day is especially useful in services that work without a break or at odd hours, such as hospitals, travel and hospitality, food delivery, etc. Moreover, AI software can segment customers based on their demographics, geographies, languages, etc., to provide unique and relevant content with targeted messaging.

3. Support Customers at Scale Accurately and Securely 

As a company grows, it becomes challenging to handle the support queries on time. AI software in customer service can interact with all customers at any time, providing accurate and trustworthy information. As the load of queries passed on to agents is reduced, it significantly improves their performance, letting them focus on complex questions.

4. Hands-Free Experience with Voice Assistants

The market for voice assistants is growing, and people prefer this mode of communication as it helps them move towards hands-free mode and multitask. Brands are using voice assistants to provide a hands-free experience to their customers, from placing orders to resolving issues.

The Bottom Line 

As can be seen, companies use AI powered customer service to maximise the goal of customer satisfaction. The goal is to make the customer like your product by giving them a good experience and service. And because of the positive impact, it’s widely adopted across industries and sectors. 

However, there are some challenges with artificial intelligence. To work accurately, it needs to be trained continuously and fed with a lot of data. By and large, many companies don’t have this kind of data, and if they have, it is unstructured. 

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At, we’ve trained our AI with 2B+ queries on different use cases and multiple languages. 

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