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10 Automation Tools Every Real Estate Company Must Use in 2024

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10 Automation Tools Every Real Estate Company Must Use in 2024

In this post, we’ll explore the transformative power of automation for the real estate industry and introduce you to the ten must-have tools that can elevate your real estate company in 2024.

The global Real Estate Marketing Automation Software market is projected to witness a substantial 12.51% CAGR, reaching a staggering USD 1532.21 million by 2028. Meanwhile, 49% of companies have already integrated automation into their business processes. So in this dynamic industry, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing automation.

Why Does Automation Matter?

Automation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the key to achieving superior results in the highly dynamic real estate sector. Whether it’s automating business workflows or implementing marketing automation, these tools can eliminate redundant tasks, saving time and reducing overhead costs. Let’s explore the numerous benefits these automation tools bring to your real estate business.

The Essence of Real Estate Automation Tools
From lead generation to creating ads and HR activities, automation tools offer a comprehensive solution to scale your real estate business. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) software, these tools enhance the efficiency of real estate agents, leading to increased productivity across various departments.

Exploring the Top Automation Tools

Now, let’s dive into the top ten automation tools that every real estate company should consider using in 2024.

Lead Management


Spacio is a unique automation tool designed to creatively generate leads for your business. Whether you want to promote property listings, capture leads, or maintain communication with prospective buyers, Spacio is your go-to solution. It stands out as one of the best lead management tools for real estate companies.

Spacio empowers you to follow up with potential customers, host virtual events, and effectively remarket property listings. Explore its key features, including seamless integration with CRMs, automated follow-ups, compatibility with iOS and Android platforms, interactive report generation, and customisable lead generation forms.

Experience the efficiency of Spacio and elevate your lead management strategies.

Lead Assign

Revolutionise your lead management process with Lead Assign, an AI-powered automation tool. Leveraging real-time data and AI, Lead Assign stands out as one of the most potent tools for enhancing lead management. Streamline complex lead flows and boost your business’s conversion rate with automated lead distribution, making your real estate agents more responsive.

Key features of Lead Assign include AI matching lead distribution, real-time insights, offer acceptance timing, and comprehensive account management. Give Lead Assign a try to witness the transformative impact on your lead management processes.

Account Management

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a leading accounting management software that is productive for real estate companies. This tool lets you operate financial management efficiently through intelligent metrics, real-time data and insights.

Key features of Sage Intacct encompass cloud technology with open API, streamlined invoicing processes, CRM integrations, interactive reports and dashboards, spend validation, duration controls, and warning options, along with forecast revenue reports. Elevate your accounting management with Sage Intacct.

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Managing a real estate business involves crucial email communication containing vital business information. To streamline this process, it is essential to utilize software capable of extracting and capturing significant lead data from emails, such as names, contact information, pricing, etc. This extracted data can then be seamlessly integrated into your preferred CRM, Google, or Excel sheet.

Key features include an efficient email parsing tool designed to meet these specific needs. Notably, Parserr stands out for its ability to seamlessly integrate with numerous online applications. Beyond extracting lead data from emails, it can also be employed to gather information from reports, invoices, and order line items, providing a comprehensive overview of your clients.

Real Estate Marketing Automation


Empower your real estate professionals with Contactually, a smart CRM designed to enhance productivity and foster better customer relationships. Close more deals, strengthen client relationships, and turn this application into a referral tool for recurring business. Prioritise leads, improve sales funnels, and personalise automated campaigns with Contactually.

Key features include contact categorisation, daily activity tracking with dashboards, scheduled email campaigns, and AI-powered precise performance reports. Elevate your real estate marketing with Contactually.

Wise Agent

Wise Agent, developed by real estate professionals, is a CRM tailored for real estate agents. With features such as lead automation, drip email campaigns, commission reports generation, text messaging services, and transaction and time management, Wise Agent offers a comprehensive automation platform for every real estate company.

Explore the productivity-enhancing features of Wise Agent and take your real estate business to new heights.

Conversational Support


Explore Verloop.io, a comprehensive customer support operating system that revolutionizes the customer service landscape. This advanced platform integrates cutting-edge features powered by LLM to streamline chats, and and automate agent hand-offs through innovative tools like Co-Pilot, Bot Builder, and AnswerFlow – a top-tier conversational support platform driven by AI.

Verloop.io goes beyond conventional customer support with its live chat, intuitive visual dashboard, conversational AI builder, outreach capabilities, and customizable reports. It excels in automating tasks such as FAQs, lead capture, lead qualification, proactive communication, and scheduling demos or facilitating subscription sign-ups. The always-on bot ensures a seamless experience for your customers.

Key highlights of Verloop.io include robust security measures and GDPR compliance, seamless integration with over 1000 apps, support for multi-language conversations, and dedicated support and onboarding services. Elevate your customer support to new heights with Verloop.io.


Engage every visitor to your website with Drift, a platform that qualifies and captures sales leads through conversational support experiences. Personalise interactions and gain real-time insights into your prospects, providing all the context and tools needed to generate sales leads.

Key features of Drift include conversation analysis, lead routing, support for multi-language conversations, and custom user roles. Try Drift for a personalised approach to engaging with your website visitors.

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Contract Management


Streamline your transaction management with Dotloop, a leading solution for real estate companies. This tool automates contractual agreements, allowing you to eSign, collaborate, and edit seamlessly. With features like document management, CRM integrations, secure storage, document scanning via phone, and task management, Dotloop simplifies the compliance phase.

Experience the convenience of Dotloop for creating and managing contracts on iOS and Android platforms.


DocuSign, a highly sophisticated cloud-based automation tool for real estate companies, offers a customisable platform for end-to-end management of legal agreements. Eliminate paperwork with a virtual experience, reducing risk and expediting business processes for optimum growth.

Key features include eSignature optimised for mobile devices, ID verification, eNotary with witness sections for eSign, and coverage of a wide range of critical agreements. Embrace the efficiency of DocuSign for comprehensive contract management.

Automation Is Here to Stay

Real estate automation tools are all about reducing costs and time. By automating human tasks with bots, you can increase productivity, create efficient workflows, and refine business responsiveness. Embrace the transformative power of automation to maximise growth for your real estate company.

If you’d like to have further discussions about this, you can schedule a demo with us and we’d be more than happy to take the conversation forward. 

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