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06 Oct | 2:30 PM IST

[Free Webinar]: The Role of AI Chatbots for Next-Generation E-commerce Users

Duration 48:41


Justin Joseph

Justin Joseph

Head of Marketing, Landmark Group

Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh

Founder & CEO,



E-commerce transactions are expected to hit around $112 billion in less than two years and given how the pandemic has been a catalyst in forcing businesses to find their online footing, brands need to better equip themselves when it comes to providing a delightful customer support experience.

Learn more about how to cater to the changing priorities of today’s customers on our webinar and receive a free trial of our chatbot for Whatsapp.

The discussion highlighted how AI chatbots can enable e-commerce brands to provide stellar support services to their modern-day users.

We covered:

  • How customers and brands engage with chatbots 
  • How AI chatbots help personalise support experiences at scale   
  • Top 3 factors to consider while choosing a chatbot solution for next-gen e-commerce customers
  • How to leverage the power of conversational AI and automation to provide a user-centric support experience