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Thrillark X Fastest Support Automation with High Efficiency

About Thrillark

Thrillark stands out as a premier player in the tourism industry, specialising in streamlining travel experiences for adventurers. Their innovative approach brings every aspect of a journey to the fingertips of their customers, simplifying the exploration of distant destinations.

Operating primarily in the Middle East, Thrillark offers an array of dynamic travel opportunities. From meticulously selected attraction tickets to immersive local experiences, they cater to tourists worldwide through their comprehensive platform for booking tours, activities, and unforgettable adventures.

The Challenge

Travel and tourism being an extremely dynamic industry, delays, cancellations, and unexpected changes are inevitable in every traveller’s journey. Thrillark recognized this and made a commitment to enhance convenience for all their customers and sought to minimise these obstacles with unparalleled ease throughout the travel experience.

Before integrating, Thrillark grappled with 100 support calls everyday, straining resources and hindering agent productivity. However, with the adoption of conversational solutions, they witnessed a remarkable drop in call volumes to just 20, even while managing 100,000 to 200,000 sales per day. This automation-driven transformation not only alleviated the burden on support agents but also empowered Thrillark to deliver seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints, enhancing overall efficiency and satisfaction.

To delve deeper into Thrillark’s journey toward customer support automation, check out the comprehensive case study.