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Building Stellar Customer Experiences at Scale – Sreejit Nair, Licious

Duration 25:17


Sreejit Nair

Sreejit Nair

Head of Product for CX - Licious




Sreejit Nair leads product building for Customer Experience at Licious. He is focused on building meatier experiences for their customers by stepping up online and offline capabilities for the organisation. In this episode, we talk to Sreejit about the components of delivering stellar experiences at scale and what it means to be customer-centric in a post-pandemic world.

We cover:

  • How has customer support evolved over the years?
  • How is customer support seen at Licious?
  • Major customer support challenges faced
  • Is there a need to re-imagine customer support?
  • What impact has AI had on the industry?
  • Customer support best practices
  • What metrics do you track when it comes to customer support?