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Redefining Urban Travel: Fenix’s Journey with

In the car-centric GCC region, Fenix emerged as a game-changer, introducing electric scooters and bikes as an alternative mode of transport. 

Overcoming challenges, they revamped customer support with’s Conversational AI solution.

About Fenix

Jaideep Dhanoa (CEO) and IQ Sayed (CTO) founded Fenix in Abu Dhabi. 

Their goal? Redefine urban mobility. They partnered with governments and developers to offer electric scooters, bikes, and integrated vehicles for flexible transport. Their unique model includes self-driven and subscription-based options.

Challenges Faced

Educating Users: Introducing new products meant addressing customer queries about rules and products.

Managing High Volumes: Rapid growth led to a surge in customer inquiries, demanding an efficient support system.

The Solution’s Conersational AI solution.

Results Achieved

  • First response time reduced to a remarkable 1.03 minutes.
  • Bot deflection rate soared to 71.2%, showing reduced dependency on human agents.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) jumped to an impressive 65.67%.

Watch this informative video for more insights into Fenix’s accomplishments through conversation automation. 

To delve deeper into the impact of’s AI on Fenix’s customer support, read our detailed case study here.