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Even Health: Revolutionizing Health Tech Narratives with’s Conversational AI

Even Health is rewriting the narrative in the realm of health technology, where comprehensive care felt like a complex puzzle.

Curious to know more? Watch the video as Vandana and Madhur from the Even Health Team unveil the secrets behind their health revolution, fueled by’s Conversational AI.

About Even:

Even is transforming healthcare by offering free primary care consultations and diagnostics, complemented by a seamless cashless insurance cover through its IRDAI-licensed insurance partners. Members enjoy exclusive access to their in-house clinical team, comprising experienced doctors and care managers, along with 24×7 member support for any health concerns. The team also crafts personalized programs for members with existing ailments, health goals, or at risk of specific conditions, following a proactive managed care approach.

For deeper insights, delve into our case study with Even Health here.