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How to Build Customer Support on Transparency and Trust – Dinesh Pai, Zerodha

Duration 25:40


Dinesh Pai

Dinesh Pai

Founders Office



Dinesh Pai, in his 8+ years career, has honed many roles and comes with expertise in Business Development and Operations, primarily in the Fintech space. From his role at Founder’s Office at Zerodha to other senior positions at companies like Rainmatter and EY, he is committed to driving change with a bias to action. 

In this episode of The Twenty Minute Moat, we cover: 

  • Customer support at Zerodha and why it’s important
  • How to optimise support with customer-centric feedback loop
  • How to create a CX strategy that’s built on trust and strong bonds
  • How do customer support teams deal with users reaching out on multiple platforms 
  • What is the future of customer support in the next one or two years