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From Proactive to Predictive Customer Support – Danish Muti, Scaler Academy

Duration 26:56


Danish Muti

Danish Muti

Head of Customer Success, Scaler Academy



Danish Muti has been in the HR-tech and Ed-tech space and has worked on setting up teams and defining more efficient processes. Being in the start-up space, he has experience in 0 to 10x and 10x to 100x journeys. Currently, he works at Scaler as Head of Customer Success and delivery. He has built the Customer success team from scratch and implemented more efficient processes to keep up with that 10x pace and go past some of the key metrics.

We cover: 

  • Understanding Scaler Academy’s customer support operations
  • How to measure customer support effectiveness
  • What channels do customers prefer when it comes to support
  • Was the pandemic the catalyst that led to more innovation in support
  • How has AI enhanced the quality of customer support