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Why Proactive Customer Support is Key – Ajith Singh, CaratLane

Duration 25:58


Ajith Singh

Ajith Singh

Product Head, CaratLane




Ajith Singh heads the Product team at Caratlane – A Tanishq Partnership. With over 12 years of experience across building consumer products, scalable business platforms and solution selling of IT services he has been part of Caratlane since it was a startup to becoming India’s largest omnichannel jewellery retail brand. Prior to his role at Caratlane, Ajith worked with companies like Microland, CSC and IBM in providing B2B solutions to large clients.

We cover:

  • How do you build delightful customer support
  • Has the buying behaviour of consumers changed
  • Is there a need to reimagine customer support
  • What impact did the pandemic have on customer support operations
  • What are the best practices in customer support?