What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is the fabricated Intelligence , that makes a machine proficient in learning, processing and giving responses to human language. Imagine it as a ‘cerebrum’ that fuels a chatbot or virtual assistant. It incorporates a wide variety of technologies that collaborate to produce efficient and automated conversations through written and verbal inputs by evaluating a user’s intent and decoding language and context. Some prototypes of Conversational AI are Alexa, Siri and Google. These assistants recognise human language and are capable of giving personalized responses.
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Conversational AI offers

Seamless Customer
Respond to Frequent Queries
Make Product Recommendations
Engage and Monitor Engagement

Features that power Conversational AI Solution

Natural Language Processing (NLP) –  behavioural technology that enables AI to interact with people using natural language.

 Generative AI -AI models learn from large datasets to generate new content.

Open the Lines for Better Communication

Why do you need Conversational AI?

read rate
Enable Self-Serve Support
brand recall
Personalised Customer Experience
Omnichannel Support
quick launch
Reduce Churn Rate
reduce costs
Engage All Leads
customer satisfaction
Improved customer experience

What are the Use Cases of Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is the face of self-serve support, and pandemic has shown us that the demand for such solutions will continue to rise. Let’s check some business uses of Conversational AI .

Automated Customer Support

Can give mechanised customer care service by solving technical issues or responding to frequently asked queries and providing information on goods and services. This enables a company to give 24/7 services to its customers. .

Improved Customer Experience

Automated Conversational Commerce

Giving product recommendations, giving responses to customer enquiries and completing business transactions are some of the benefits of Conversational AI.

Benefits of Conversational Ai

The AI chatbots are reducing the costs of businesses by minimising

Reduce Long wait lines

Customers are saved from waiting in long queues for customer support to get their issues resolved. The AI chatbots work round the clock 24/7 to establish a communication link between the customer and the business to intercept and solve their queries and repetitive tasks.

Conversational Intelligence
Improved Customer Experience

Efficient customer service

The AI chatbots are enabled to start conversations with the customers, answer their queries, resolve customer indecisions by recommending products, and remove navigation concerns from your site. It also enables the retail processes on your website to be more transparent and builds a clean and high-value brand for the company.

Eliminate Lack of Personalisation

Chatbots provide a personalised consumer experience. They offer customised, contextual and value-based support to the customers that will be beneficial and admired by your users. The AI chatbots can also be trained and programmed to understand and respond in any language, thus creating an individualized customer experience.

Collecting Customer Data
A chatbot is a computer program that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand customer questions and automatic responses to them, simulating human conversation. Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence are capable of having human-like conversations using a language called NLP-Natural Language Processing. AI chatbots can transcribe human language as it is written, which accredits them to operate practically on their own. AI chatbots, especially, can acknowledge language outside of their pre-arranged commands and provide feedback based on existing data. This facilitates any site visitor to make conversation and express his intent in his own words.
Conversational AI is a more advanced form of chatbot technology that employs NLP, ML, and other techniques to enable more natural, human-like conversations. Conversational AI systems can handle more complex dialogues and can personalize responses based on user behavior and preferences. Conversational AI can also integrate with various third-party services and applications to provide a more seamless user experience.
Voice AI, also known as voice-enabled AI or voice assistants, is a technology that enables users to interact with machines using natural language voice commands. Voice AI systems use speech recognition and NLP algorithms to understand and interpret user inputs. Voice AI is commonly used in smart home devices, virtual assistants, and other applications where hands-free interaction is necessary.

How does Conversational AI works?

The biggest hindrance to AI approbation is that most businesses are hesitant and consider themselves AI novices. Conversational AI uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to simulate human-like conversations between machines and humans. When a user inputs text or voice, NLP algorithms analyze the input and break it down into smaller components, such as words and phrases. Speech-to-text technology is used to transcribe voice input into text for analysis. ML algorithms then analyze the input to identify the user’s intent and compare it with previous interactions to determine the likely intent.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

Intent recognition is a key component of conversational AI, as it allows the system to provide relevant and accurate responses to user input. By comparing the user’s input with previous interactions, the system can identify the likely intent and provide a response that is tailored to the user’s needs. Speech-to-text technology is another critical component of conversational AI, allowing the system to transcribe speech accurately and provide a more natural and intuitive user experience. By using all of these processes together, conversational AI can provide a conversational experience that feels natural and human-like.

How Does A Conversational AI Boost The Profit Of A Business?

The benefits of using AI chatbots for business are innumerable. It all revolves around how businesses with their stakeholders can take advantage of this tool to boost their customer’s experience. Now many AI chatbot software can only perform one task – to chat.

The fact of the matter is that conversations are not enough, once a conversation ends, a multitude of tasks can be done to take the conversation further. It can be as varied as generating leads, launching into communication notes, and entering the leads into a personalised drip email chain, with just one single click.

Here are a few examples of how AI chatbots are bringing profits to various businesses.

Conversational AI for Websites

A website is one of the most important assets of an enterprise, the digital space is very important to assert the presence of a company in today’s technology-oriented market. It should be well-designed with an easy-to-use customer interface.

Quick response

Instant response to customers’ businesses which are active 24/7/365 online is better prepared to create a booming relationship with their clients. Chatbots are programmed to respond to frequently asked questions promptly and to manage thousands of conventional enquiries right away when used under a business website set-up.

Conversational Intelligence

Multilingual Response

You have a clientele from all over the world who visit your website. AI Chatbots are multilingually programmed, which enables them to interact with the customers in their mother tongue and assist them through the marketing and sales pipeline which your business team created for them.

Automated Conventional enquiries

The routine queries and frequently asked questions that are bothersome can be explained by an AI chatbot instead of your employees. These enquiries are usually posted on social media handles, they can be channelled to the chatbot by providing accessible links or QR codes to the customers. The employees, therefore, can perform some other essential tasks, aiding the overall growth of your business, and the influx of your website increases.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

Cost and time effective

A chatbot can downsize the costs of live customer support salaries. messenger costs and other expenses associated with the communication support of your website. The cost of installing this automated tool itself is just a fraction of the salary of a round-the-clock customer support employee.

Conversational AI for E-Commerce

To understand the intended audience for any e-commerce website owner, AI Chatbots can be an extremely useful tool. E-commerce is selling products and brand ideas on the internet to online retail customers, by applying digitally advanced strategies for marketing. Chatbots dramatically enhance the customers’ journey.
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Engage visitors

An enormous engagement is required on e-commerce websites to convert window shoppers into customers. The conversational chat of an AI chatbot keeps the shopper engaged throughout his shopping journey. The 24/7 instant feedback provided to the customers clears the sales challenges and increases the sales revenue.

Conversational Intelligence

Explore Product databases

An AI-powered chatbot can search product databases and recommend the most appropriate product to that shopper while hyping other products simultaneously. The chatbot can give product images, its description and even add to cart click buttons in the chat window.

Marketing Insights

E-Commerce chatbots provide weekly insights, analysis and market reports on the basis of data collected through customer feedback, withdrawal reports, page engagements analysis, and response form evaluations.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

Multi-channel Solutions

Reaching your target customers through a multitude of channels is essential to attract more customers and visitors to your website. You can merge chatbots into your social media platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Human-like Conversations

For an effective engagement with customers, a smooth and natural communication flow is essential. NLP (Natural Language Processing) enabled AI chatbots are capable of carrying out conversations which are just like conversing with another human, leading to increased engagement on the websites.

Collecting Customer Data

Conversational AI for Customer Service

The biggest advantage of utilising AI chatbots in customer service is an increase in their efficiency. Let us have a look at some more benefits that the AI chatbot brings to this service sector.

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Prompt Response

A chat interface is one of the most popular ways of interacting with customer service systems. It is popular because it is quick, perceptive and can manage the highest demand for customer support.

Conversational Intelligence


When integrated AI chatbots collaborate into the back office systems, the bots can take the maximum workload off the support service teams and can offer personalised services like invoices, order status, tracker, and discounts available to the customer.

Increase in Sales

By processing what customers want to buy, AI chatbots can hype up a product to the customer and cross-sell him another product or service.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

Round-the-clock availability

Time is of the essence during a sales deal. When a customer wants to book an order or is having issues with the services, they want instant action. A 24/7 working chatbot can easily tackle customer queries as and when they appear.

Insights from Conversational History

Many chatbots are designed to have business acumen like suggesting products to customers or providing details about a website visitor which can enhance the business perception. AI Chatbots have text data ingrained in their programme, and either through their analytical software or through business intelligence tools can derive valuable insights.

Collecting Customer Data

How Can The Verloop Conversational AI Help Your Business?

Verloop offers everything you need to automate customer support, measure your support team’s performance and meet your support goals. Verloop’s conversational intelligence was designed to be easy and seriously smart, with a seamless customer journey. The chatbot’s interaction with your website visitors can convert them into leads in minutes without too much dependency on your customer agents.

The Verloop AI Chatbot is the quintessential integration of automation in intelligence. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools assimilated with modern learning ideas to make its Artificial Intelligence Chatbots highly efficient and technologically smart.

Multichannel Presence

The omnichannel experience of your chatbots can reduce your task to redirect customers to different channels. No matter which channels your customer messages you on, your agents can get a unified view of it all, with the right context. It improves your CX and increases your conversion rates through robust messaging.

Conversational Intelligence

24*7 Customer Support and Lead capture

The AI-powered Verloop chatbots boost businesses’ customer support teams, and marketing and sales departments around the clock throughout the year. Now, through Verloop,s always-on chatbot, businesses can respond to their customer’s queries in a personalized manner.

Reduction in Live Agents’ workload

The Agent assists chatbots to elevate the productivity of your Live agents by reducing 70% of their workload. It assists them in replying to frequent questions asked with a few clicks. They help in streamlining the live chats smoothly.

Collecting Customer Data
Improved Customer Experience

Reduction in Customer Support costs

The customer support AI is not only helpful in cutting costs but also reducing the exhaustive burden on the customer support teams. This improves the customers’ online experience on your site but also helps the company save money.

Seamless Customer
Respond to Frequent
Make Product
Collect Customer
Schedule a demo

Learn More About the Verloop Conversational AI

Powered by NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning ) Verloop.io brings together multiple elements of conversational chat to make quick touchpoints with the customers, engage them with a personalized experience and give your Live chat agents the context they need to solve the customers’ issues on the move.

Voice by Verloop.io

With a simple click of the record button, customers can voice their concerns and questions on WhatsApp or any other platform of their choosing to seek assistance from your team. The voice note is received as transcribed text to the chatbot which uses it to analyse and understand the customers’ apprehensions, smoothening the whole customer communication.

Conversational Intelligence

NLP featuring Machine Learning

Verloop.io is built on top of ML/NLP and can fully comprehend your customers’ conversation even if they are communicating in different languages, It collects data from the users, resolves customer issues and connects them with the right agent all by itself. Verloop.io supports about 20+ languages, thus increasing your geographical reach, offering a personalised user experience, enhancing your customer base and increasing your business ROI.

Support customers on App

Chatbots for android and ios automate repetitive requests and provide immediate customer support on the mobile app. With conversational AI, you can connect with agents for complex issues and get quick 24/7 support.  

Conversational Intelligence


Stay fully functional on all social platforms. Verloop.io’s omnichannel automation helps you stay in touch with your customers on all channels- WhatsApp. Facebook, In-app, Instagram, Mobile Website etc.

Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

A unified dashboard that lets you measure your bot efficiency, compare your bot performance with that of your agents’, learn agent availability and productivity and do more. All actionable data in a unified view.  

Conversational Intelligence

Integrated Platform

Everything you need is synced with Verloop.io, Examine the integration of our products with different products CRM, Ticketing, Payments, Marketing and a lot more that could be used in your tech stack. Connect with any app instantly with Verloop.io’s out-of-the-box integrations.

Security and Compliance

Verloop.io’s got everything that it takes to protect your data from breaches. Implement access controls, provide security ways to log in, and stay compliant with data regulations smartly.  

Conversational Intelligence

Verloop.io – The Tool Your eCommerce Store
Needs for Happier Customers

Convenience at Fingertips
Companies using eCommerce chatbots from Verloop.io have managed to engage 99% of their customers in under 1 minute.
Lead Generation on Auto-Pilot
eCommerce Chatbot Messengers from Verloop.io help lead generation, and companies saw a 30%-150% increase in lead generation.
Intelligent Conversations with a Multilingual Bot
Verloop.io’s eCommerce chatbots do the heavy lifting, interacting with your customers in the language of their preference! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can a chatbot be implemented in a business?

The time it takes for a chatbot to be built for your business can take from a few hours to several months, depending on the intricacy of the automation required. The size of the company also is also an essential factor in the implementation time of a chatbot .

How much does a chatbot cost?

It is dependent on the functionality of the chatbot you require for your business. Also, factors like what kind of chatbot is needed- a basic rule-based chatbot or a Conversational AI and it’s usage play a crucial role in cost determination.

Who has control over my Chatbot’s content?

The business itself has control over the subject matter of the AI chatbot’s content. The business provides the information on the automated platform and controls the answers in the Intelligence modules of the chatbot.

Is it necessary to have Technical knowledge for using chatbots in my business?

It is not required to have any special knowledge or skills to maintain and manage your chatbots in your business. It provides all the required instructions and material to manage the platform and the functioning of the AI chatbot .

Final Thoughts

AI Chatbots have their presence throughout the Digital space. They are not perfect in their functionalities but are a huge support in elevating the business efficiency and growth in profits through cost-effective integration of Intelligence modules.