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Cutting Contact Center Costs with Conversational AI – India

Contact centers tend to have a bad reputation as cost centers. They require substantial investments in agents and operations. A few examples of contact center expenses include one-time hiring costs, new equipment and maintenance costs, utility bills, rent and agent salaries. With fluctuations and uncertainty in the market and demand for customer support, keeping these expenses within the budget is near impossible for an organisation. 

How do call centers reduce costs?

Many contact centers take drastic steps to reduce contact center costs and save money in call centers. Since most of the expenses are related to staffing, one of the first steps they take in cost reduction is reducing the headcount. However, this is a short-term measure and will have a direct negative impact on customer experience (CX). If the CX isn’t up to the standard, it will have a long-term impact on the organisation’s income.  

Tried and tested methods for cutting costs in the contact center

What call centers need is a sustainable strategy that doesn’t compromise the quality and efficiency of customer service. Three areas where the contact centre leadership should focus on are:

  • Volume – ways to reduce inbound queries
  • Time – methods to help customers get quick resolutions
  • Staffing – options to ensure agents’ productivity

We look at a few cost-cutting strategies in our eBook. This will help you understand how contact centers can save money and turn your cost centers into profit centers. 

After reading this book, you will learn:

  • State of the Customer Care Industry
  • How Traditional Self-Service Is Not Enough
  • Conversational AI for Self-Service
  • What Can Be Automated
  • How Proactive Outreach Can Deflect Tickets and Reduce Costs
  • Human Agents v/s AI Agents: the Cost Analysis