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In the world of salons, where personal touch is paramount, why should customer engagement be any different? Yet, achieving tailored interaction at scale poses a challenge. This rings especially true in India, where the salon industry has seen a robust growth rate of 12% over the last decade.

One of the major salon players in India faced similar challenges while scaling. Let’s see how they were able to resolve it.

About Yes Madam

Yes Madam stands out as a leading Salon at Home service in India. Since its inception in 2016 by Aditya Arya and Mayank Arya, it has expanded its footprint to over 50 cities nationwide. With a dedication to providing top-notch salon and wellness services at customers’ doorsteps, Yes Madam boasts a team of over 3000 professionals. Their use of high-quality products and skilled experts has earned them over 5+ lakh happy customers.


As Yes Madam rapidly expanded its operations, it faced the challenge of scaling its customer support and booking system to meet growing demand. Setting up a call centre for handling booking confirmations and addressing customer queries became necessary. However, the cost of scaling the call centre posed a significant challenge. To alleviate this burden, Yes Madam sought to automate L1 queries and implement a more efficient system for redirecting queries to the appropriate agents, thereby expediting the resolution of customer issues.

Automating Support for Yes Madam

Upon a thorough examination of their challenges, Yes Madam collaborated with to implement a conversational automation solution across their Android and iOS mobile applications. Through the App, customers can navigate to the My Bookings section, choose a specific booking, and access a range of in-app options by clicking the Help option. Once the responses are confirmed, the bot seamlessly takes over, either providing API-based responses or transferring the chat to a live agent, based on the predetermined flow.

Impact on Yes Madam’s Support

Since its inception, the implemented solution has proven to be instrumental in handling customer queries effectively, managing an average of 33,375 queries each month. This performance is highlighted by a notable net deflection rate of 29.5%, signifying that a substantial proportion of inquiries are resolved autonomously without requiring human intervention.

Moreover, the surge in the number of conversations, marking a remarkable 181.62% increase from Q4 23′ to Q1 24′, underscores the solution’s efficiency in catering to the growing demands of Yes Madam’s expanding customer base. This surge in interactions demonstrates the effectiveness of the implemented solution in facilitating seamless engagement between the customers and the brand.

In addition to handling queries efficiently, the solution has also been pivotal in maintaining customer satisfaction levels, with an aggregate CSAT score of 36%. This commendable score reflects the positive impact of the solution on enhancing the overall customer experience, thereby fostering greater loyalty and retention among Yes Madam’s clientele.

Furthermore, the solution has contributed to enhancing operational efficiency by improving the average response time by 25.3% from Q4 23’ to Q1 24’. This reduction in response time not only signifies a more prompt resolution of customer queries but also reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering timely and effective support to its customers.

Overall, these performance metrics underscore the effectiveness of the implemented solution in addressing Yes Madam’s challenges while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This has also helped in reducing agent loads. Now most of the queries can be easily resolved over the chat, reducing the high call volume it experienced before. Through its seamless integration and intelligent automation capabilities, the solution has played a pivotal role in driving positive outcomes for Yes Madam and its valued customers. has helped us streamline our support function efficiently and effectively. The solution has been instrumental in helping us even track agents’ performance and its impact on customer satisfaction is quite visible”

– Rajat Garg | CTO | Lead product & tech