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How Portea Medical Escalated Every Patient’s Query into a High-Priority Ticket with


Portea Medical


Bangalore, India



Use Cases

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Healthcare is a delicate business. However, the rapid development of artificial intelligence has helped to fill many of these gaps in the Healthcare Space. 

Patients no longer have to be concerned about flexibility in home healthcare, all thanks to Conversational AI-powered chatbots. They have improved healthcare for the better to address urgent patient concerns, health records, prescription lists, treatments and more.

About Portea Medical – Making Health a Top Priority

Portea Medical is a leading home healthcare company that offers in-home medical care and launched a number of initiatives aimed at improving healthcare access and outcomes in India.

Portea Medical has over 4,000 healthcare professionals and has served over 10 lakh patients in over 40 cities in India. The company is well-known for its technology-enabled platform, which allows patients to book appointments, access medical records, and communicate with healthcare professionals via a mobile app or website.

The Challenge

Dealing with A Mountain of Tickets

In the healthcare industry, almost every other query received is high priority and needs immediate attention. Before switching to a Conversational AI-driven platform like, Portea Medical dealt with problems like 

  • Recipe Customisation,
  • Issues with Agent Handoff 
  • Lack of Proactive Engagement,
  • Lack of Bot Accuracy, and…
  • Constant Need for Manual Intervention.

This situation required a concrete solution that was more receptive to a patient’s concerns at the earliest!

The Solution’s Conversational AI Enters… And Changes The Game!

Conversational AI can really take charge and ensure that no queries go unanswered, and that’s a guarantee! 

After welcoming’s Conversational AI-Driven solution to their platform, Portea Medical received phenomenal outcomes.

  • Greater visibility into account/profile quality
  • Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT)
  • Enhanced Reporting Mechanism
  • Enhanced Sound Notifications
  • Easy In-Template Access
  • Tickets sorted a lot faster

All the credit goes to’s cutting-edge technology, which is designed to make customer support and deliver a happy customer experience feel like a breeze! 

“ offered the solutions to many challenges that we were facing, like better UI and adaptability changes. They brought AI-based technology to the table, which made it easy for us to choose” 

Vinay Venugopal, Deputy General Manager, Portea Medical

The Imapct

Fit as a Fiddle? Every Patient at Portea Medical!

“Collaboration of has been very useful and effective in terms of faster communication with our patients.”

Vinay Venugopal, Deputy General Manager, Portea Medical

Along with quickly scheduling appointments, having more context for every patient’s medical history, and experiencing an influx in the number of easily resolved tickets, Portea Medical received positive engagement from patients on their website and across all platforms. Upon integrating a chatbot by on their website and WhatsApp Messenger, Portea Medical noted faster communication on service alerts, quicker updates, and faster turnaround time (TAT) from the support & customer relationship team.

“’s flexibility to bring changes and good governance has been positive for us.”

Vinay Venugopal, Deputy General Manager, Portea Medical