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GlobeMed’s Path to Improved Customer Satisfaction with




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The insurance industry in the MENA region has witnessed tremendous growth because of foreign industries’ interest and expansion. But with growth comes challenges. One of the biggest insurance players in Egypt faced the challenge of scaling support for their customers. In this case study, we will explore how they were able to tackle this challenge.

About GlobeMed – Egypt

As a pioneering organization introducing the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) model to the region, GlobeMed brings over 32 years of unparalleled expertise, technical proficiency, and cutting-edge information technology to revolutionise healthcare benefits management. The company’s steadfast commitment, unwavering responsibility, and innovative approach have been instrumental in shaping the industry, connecting with over 28,000 directly contracted providers and a vast network of 120,000 providers worldwide. Serving more than 220 insurance companies, social security funds, mutual societies, and self-funded schemes, GlobeMed’s unique business model has set new standards and redefined excellence over the years.

With an extensive array of healthcare benefits management services and tailored solutions catering to risk carriers, providers, reinsurance companies, self-funded schemes, and mutual societies, GlobeMed currently manages over 3.5 million lives across its franchise operations, facilitated by an automated cross-border system.

GlobeMed’s offerings encompass comprehensive automated healthcare benefits management, alongside actuarial and international health services. Our portfolio includes medical coding education, an internationally accredited e-learning platform, Pharmacy Benefits Management solutions, and advanced Pharmacy Management Systems.

Operating across 12 markets, including Lebanon, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Nigeria, Palestine, and Iraq, GlobeMed continues to expand its footprint into new territories, ensuring broader access to innovative healthcare solutions and unmatched expertise.

Lack of Automation

As the insurance industry in the MENA region experiences rapid growth, GlobeMed in Egypt encountered a significant challenge in scaling its customer and partner support operations. The need for comprehensive automation and effective bot workflows posed a considerable obstacle in efficiently handling the increasing volume of customer inquiries and support requests.

With increasing volumes, the company struggled to provide timely and faster assistance to its customers, leading to longer response times and a potential decrease in customer satisfaction levels. Addressing this challenge was crucial for the company to maintain its competitive edge and meet the evolving needs of its growing partner and customer base. Streamlines Partner Support for GlobeMed

After a thorough analysis, GlobeMed decided to partner with to streamline its partner support. GlobeMed launched a multilingual support solution on WhatsApp that could help the customers and partners with any queries in:

  • English
  • Arabic

Using the conversational AI solution on WhatsApp, anyone could enquire and learn about:

  • Network of providers
  • Submit approval or chronic request
  • Access service user guide
  • Register complaints
  • Submit a reimbursement request
  • Apply for in-home service 

The solution is also integrated with Freshdesk for capturing all the tickets. Agents can create tickets on the platform and transfer them to Freshdesk for easy tracking.

GlobeMed Improves Overall Productivity and CSAT with has a great platform. The chat tool is user-friendly with seamless chatbot flows. “Additionally, the stability of the platform ensures smooth operations and uninterrupted service.” – GlobeMed

After deploying to automate its support function, GlobeMed saw a spike in productivity with easy agent tracking and even their partners responded with positive feedback. In two quarters alone, the solution was able to handle 515030 queries, out of which 253762 queries were handled by the solution alone without the need for any manual support.

First Response Time

By leveraging the bot as the initial point of contact for addressing incoming inquiries, GlobeMed achieved an impressive 84% enhancement in its initial response time. Fast first response time is essential for delivering a positive experience to its customers and partners alike.

CSAT Improved

On average, the solution consistently maintains a positive Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 70%, indicating a high level of satisfaction among users with the provided services. This achievement reflects the effectiveness of the solution in meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations, thereby fostering trust and loyalty among the user base.

Enhanced User Experience Boosts Engagement

As the overall user experience saw improvements, the GlobeMed support bot experienced a surge in the number of average recurrent users. On average, 67% of recurrent users utilise the solution to address their queries.

Queries Resolved by Solution

Demonstrating its impressive bot deflection capabilities, the solution resolved a total of 253,762 queries independently. This indicates a deflection rate of over 30%, highlighting its ability to address queries without requiring manual support.