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Convert More Visitors to Customers with Verloop.io – Shopify Integration

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Convert More Visitors to Customers with Verloop.io – Shopify Integration

Shopify is redefining the e-commerce space. With over 3M websites around the world, you can say Shopify is a synonym for online store builder. The secure website builder provides a complete bundle for your e-commerce store – a one-stop shop for merchants who want to leverage the digital transformation. 

If you are one of the retailers who have a Shopify page, you can vouch for its popularity. And popularity means high customer footfall too. For any e-commerce store, any strategy centres around customers, including the one for customer engagement. Every online (and offline) store is aiming for enhanced customer experience as it directly impacts sales. 

Lack of customer engagement leads to high drop-offs. One of the most common issues e-commerce stores face is that of cart abandonment. Visitors add things to the cart but then leave the website (57% chance) because they cannot find the relevant information to proceed with the purchase. 

And that’s where a Shopify chatbot plays an instrumental role. They are available on your Shopify website to address customer queries and help them complete a transaction.  This statement is backed by Forrester’s report which says that customers who chat with a brand are 3x more likely to convert. 

Why should you integrate chatbot on your Shopify website? 

Conversational AI is transforming digital communication. They are everywhere – on your website pages, on WhatsApp, social media pages and mobile apps. Conversational chatbots are available 24×7 round the year and help you scale your customer engagement without making a hole in your pockets. 

While these are the basic minimum a chatbot can do for your business, below we list points on why you should integrate a chatbot on your Shopify website. 

1. Convert more customers: 

57% of customers abandon their cart if they can’t find relevant information on time. Shopify chatbots can help your customers get the exact information that they need. Chatbots can also send email or message notifications to the visitors to remind them to complete their purchases. With the right information at their fingertips, more customers are going to complete their buying journey

2. Connect with live agents:

Sometimes, customers want to talk to human agents and at this point, it’s important that chatbots seamlessly hand over the chat to a live agent. What this means is that why the chat is being transferred to an agent, the support agent should have customers information with them so that the customers aren’t repeating themselves. Why the user started the chat, what order they are talking about, previous order history, etc. 

3. Engage customers to build long-term relationships:

A Shopify chatbot can go beyond answering customer questions. Based on which part of the buying journey they are in, you can engage with them through personalised messaging. You can proactively send order updates, information about upcoming new products, recommend relevant products, share details about special offers for them or even collect their feedback. That way, you can build a loyal customer base. 

4. Understand your customers and agents:

Conversational chatbots are popular because they do more than just chat with users. You can get data and insights on what your customers are asking, what time they ask the questions the most, which channels they are asking for your assistance, etc. The same goes for your agents. You can see data on a whole bunch of agent KPIs from a conversational chatbot’s dashboard. Based on these data points, you can optimise CX and conversion. 

What can you do with Verloop.io – Shopify integration? 

Verloop.io – Shopify integration helps you capture a new lead, inform you about new cart abandonment, update orders, update the quantity of a product variant, etc.

With simple integration, you can automate these tasks and more. Data between your Shopify store and the conversational chatbot are synced in real-time and automatically. Saves your agent’s time and improves users’ experience on the Shopify website. 

As for how to integrate Shopify with Verloop.io, we’ve listed 4 simple steps you can follow. 

Chatbot – Shopify integration ensures smooth, personalised and high-quality conversations with your website visitors. To know more about how this integration can be enabled for your business, book a demo with us here

Verloop.io provides 100+ tech integrations including payments, marketing CRMs, ticketing systems, workflow automation, etc. for businesses to support their tech stack. This has helped businesses to seamlessly integrate their chatbot solution without disturbing their existing tech integrations and rather reaping the most benefits out of the chatbot.

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