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Shopify Chatbots: Five Reasons Why Your Company Needs One Today!

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Shopify Chatbots: Five Reasons Why Your Company Needs One Today!

One probably has a set of three tools that they use to talk to customers; Phone calls, emails, and social media. Each of these tools represents a succinct failure in the way businesses talk to customers i.e. they’re not used because they are the best solution, they’re used because, at the time, they were the only solution.

As advancements in innovations continue to grow, chatbots and platforms like Shopify offer another level of flexibility. When merged together, Shopify Chatbots bring the best of what an eCommerce tool has to offer. 

What Is a Shopify Chatbot?

A Shopify chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, over the Internet. In this case, over your website, social media platform or messaging network. Or in simple terms it enables the users to chat with a bot or a human to get their query resolved on their preferred Shopify e-Commerce platform

Shopify Chatbots empower customers with the flexibility to connect with you at any given time of the day, or night. Whether a business sells online through a website, on social media, or even in-store, Shopify is a designated platform that will make matters easier.

Shopify Chatbots can usually be narrowed down to these three categories

  1. AI-Driven Shopify Chatbots
  2. Rule Based Shopify Chatbots
  3. Hybrid Models 

Out of the three, AI-powered chatbots come the closest to imitating natural conversations with customers. Chatbots powered by AI and ML are often more reliable, resulting in  fewer errors and more fruitful conversations. On the other hand, rule based bots are used more frequently to automate simpler queries and tasks. The hybrid models fall somewhere between complex and simple and can cover a wide range of capabilities.

Why Should You Integrate a Chatbot on Your Shopify Website?

A chatbot represents several advantages for an internet-based business.

Chatbot offers:

  • Higher open rates (65%-70% vs. 10%-20% using email), 
  • Wider sales funnels (20%-30% conversion rates vs. 1%-3% on typical websites)
  • And shorter reply times (2-10 seconds vs. 30-360 minutes), 

A chatbot can help you find more prospects and better customers, in less time.

1. Improved Lead Generation

Hundreds, if not thousands of these potential leads come to visit a website and sift through various offerings every week. 

They’re greeted with a barrage of information, but the bigger question to ask is, what are they really there for?

They’re there to ask questions, and get answers. 

They want to know more about the product, the return policy and when is the earliest delivery date. Without a proper support strategy in place, there is a chance that you might miss catering to these customers, and they may leave without getting answers to their questions.  

This problem can be solved simply by enabling Shopify chatbot  to walk visitors through any query.

  • Provide easier access to  platform, 
  • Answer FAQs, 
  • And ensure that the customer leaves your platform with clarity about your product and offerings. 

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2. Less Time Consuming

Implementing a chatbot has a well-rounded benefit for customers as well as businesses. 

A chatbot can quickly help customers with their various requirements, and it can also help businesses in saving time across various levels. 

A business can save their agent’s time by automating redundant and repetitive queries, so they can focus on the tasks that require more of their skills and expertise.It can also revamp their workflows, boost their productivity and help them deliver better results in the long run. 

A chatbot can also help in streamlining the most complex to simplest tasks in the day-to-day business operations, such as sending order details, automating exchange or return requests, collecting valuable insights on analytics, and much more! 

3. Faster Response Time

In a world of instant gratification where close ones are never more than five seconds or a text away, a business taking twelve hours to get back to a customer is nothing short of a crime.

Research by NewBreed shows that when companies take more than five minutes to respond to a lead, their odds of qualifying that lead decreases by 10x. Responding in 10 minutes, vs. 5, further decreases the likelihood of qualifying the lead by 400%.

That is why chatbots are far more efficient tools, allowing them to field questions from customers around the clock, 24/7, 356 days a year. Additionally, bots don’t take days off, don’t have bad days.

4. Cross-Platform Performance

When it comes to hosting a platform for your eCommerce business, web has traditionally led the way, with mobile following suit later.

It felt like a choice between the two of them in the early days of eCommerce. But that recipe no longer works, and you simply can’t pick and choose when it comes to web and mobile. Additionally, the influx of social media into sales and support means you have a third prong that requires handling. 

Chatbots can help you automate all three, delivering better results in less time across the board.

5. Multilingualism and Hybrid Languages

Language is just another hindrance that reduces the efficiency of a lead. 

In an increasingly global economy, it is imperative to cater to customers in their own language.  While many would suggest English dominates most interactions, research shows that 55% of global customers purchase only from brands that speak their language.

AI allows businesses to engage their customers with unparalleled customization and in adherence to their language preferences.  With a nudge from a tool like Shopify chatbot, you can run your chatbot in any language you’d like, most significantly on any platform you’d like; be it on an app, website or social media platform. 

How to Build Your Shopify Chatbot?

Building a chatbot for Shopify is an uncomplicated process when you hand the reins to the best Conversational AI expert in the game. One can build a bot for almost any industry in under five minutes by using Verloop.io’s versatile templates. 

shopify integration

Verloop.io features over 100 tech integrations for businesses, including payments, marketing CRMs, ticketing systems, workflow automation, and more. This has enabled businesses to integrate their chatbot solution without disrupting their existing tech integrations, allowing them to reap the most benefits from the chatbot.

Schedule a demo with our experts and integrate a Shopify Chatbot for your eCommerce platform today!

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