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Accept Payments On The Go With Verloop.io And Razorpay Integration

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Accept Payments On The Go With Verloop.io And Razorpay Integration

Nobody likes switching between multiple apps to complete a single transaction. Whether it’s looking to get a question answered or completing a payment, nothing works best than it does from one place.

Does your user journey contain the fewest of iterations that lead to conversion? Are your users able to pay easily on the go? 

Here’s where your conversational chatbot can be put to use. 

Verloop.io’s voice and chat AI offer seamless integration with one of the most widely used payment gateways in India – Razorpay.

Most of the time, when customers are browsing through your business online, they’d come across several problems that may hinder their search. To seek quick answers, they will turn to your support chatbot. As and when the chatbot assists them with their query, it can also drive your users to complete the payment on the same window.

Accepting payments via chatbot is becoming an increasingly sought after feature for many customers today. Whether it’s paying for a policy premium, or simply buying a new pair of shoes, your users can easily pay using Razorpay gateway on your Verloop.io chatbot!

So why do you need to integrate and accept payments via Razorpay integration on Verloop.io?

Razorpay is an Indian financial solutions company offering businesses of all sizes to accept, process, and payout transactions through its products. Home to more than 8 million businesses, Razorpay has processed $40 billion in total payments volume last year. 

For today’s business, it’s important for you to be omnichannel. You want your customers to easily reach out across multiple touchpoints. But at the same time, your users will not want to switch between apps, when they are close to making a purchase.

1. Guide users from A to Z – From lead generation to payment completion

Great customer support is the foundation of better leads, more conversion, and hence more revenue. 

Chatbots become the defining space for a user to decide whether they should or not buy from you. The customer experience they deliver stands paramount during conversations. 

Once a user is happy with the support they have received from your chatbot while they were exploring your business, it’s a ticking time game. Your Razorpay-supported chatbot can keep the redirections to a minimum and reduce cart dropouts by simply nudging your users to complete the transaction in real-time.

2. Every transactional outcome – processed and communicated in time

While letting your users pay seamlessly through your chatbot one-half of the process, keeping them in the loop post-transaction is just as important. 

You can let your users make payments via Razorpay’s – Payment Links, Invoices, and Payment Pages.

Once the user makes the payment against a Razorpay Invoice, your chatbot can inform the user if the payment is successfully captured or just partially paid. The payment communication is also triggered when a Razorpay Link is partially or fully paid.

You can even use the chatbot to redirect your users to your Razorpay Payment Page to complete payment. 

3. Safe and secure payments 

It’s easy to fall into online financial scams if your user does not tread carefully. 

Verloop.io chatbots are fortified with an enterprise-grade security system to ensure fail-safe storage of data using GDPR and PII compliant methods. When combined with PCI DSS and ISO compliant payment links, your chatbot can securely accept payments.

Quick process to set up your Razorpay integration with Verloop.io

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Verloop.io <> Razorpay integration for easier checkouts, more conversions, happier users

Integrating and accepting payments with Razorpay with your Verloop.io chatbot can help you build more trust and credibility with your customers.

Verloop.io provides 100+ tech integrations including payments, marketing CRMs, ticketing systems, workflow automation, etc. for businesses to support their tech stack. This has helped businesses to seamlessly integrate their chatbot solution without disturbing their existing tech integrations and rather reaping the most benefits out of the chatbot.

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