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The Vibrant Features of Helpdesk Automation

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The Vibrant Features of Helpdesk Automation

It is no secret that customer satisfaction is imperative for any business to thrive and succeed. And in a fast-paced world with a blaring need for instant results, customers’ expectations are only growing more and more. In fact, a study by PWC found that one-third of customers (33%) say they will walk away from a brand after just one bad experience. 

Therefore, excellent customer support results in higher customer retention and ROI. And an excellent customer support strategy primarily consists of…

  • Consistency 
  • Personalisation
  • Immediate Responses
  • Multiple Communication Channels

A helpdesk is a central point of contact for customers to connect with businesses. And according to BMC, it costs $22 to handle a helpdesk ticket manually. At the same time, automating the helpdesk resolved 22% of service desk queries at no cost.

Therefore, helpdesk automation is more crucial for your business now, more than ever.

So, we bring you a thorough guide to Helpdesk Automation and why you might need it for your business! This guide will walk you through: 

What is Helpdesk Automation?

In simple words, helpdesk automation streamlines the customer support workflow by automating the helpdesk with technology. 

With Artificial Intelligence, you can give your customer service agents a multitude of features to use and navigate, enabling them to resolve support tickets more quickly to deliver exceptional experiences all the time.

An automation tool for the helpdesk typically helps…

  • Conduct surveys
  • Email forwarding
  • Answering basic FAQs
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Reduce agent workload
  • Resolve minor customer queries with chatbots
  • Send tickets to relevant support representatives

What are the Features of Helpdesk Automation?

Every company has only a limited number of staff members.  Helpdesk automation software provides your team with the additional support they need with the following dynamic features. 

1. Multi-Channel Support

Since your customers may be active on different platforms like emails, chats, phone calls, social media, etc., having different communication channels makes it easier for customers to quickly reach out to your business from where they are. 

An automated helpdesk offers multi-channel support. It provides a centralised inbox that stores all customers’ tickets from different channels.

2. Workflow Automation

A business workflow is a collection of repetitive processes that take a lot of time, are costly, and prone to mistakes. 

Workflow automation enables the creation, monitoring, and automation of a routine workflow that increases accuracy and efficiency while minimising redundant operations.

The AI technology integrates NLP and Business Process Model Notation (BPMN) to automate and manage processes in customer support.

3. Customisation and Integration

Helpdesk automation allows you to implement additional functionalities quickly. 

You can integrate your AI solution with a third-party application that allows you to manage everything in a single software by fetching/ exporting information between applications.

Hence, businesses can customise and use the solution based on the requirement.

4. Analytics and Reports

The AI automatically studies critical performance indicators (KPIs) and permits you to produce dashboards and analytics signs for specific topics and contents.

It empowers you to keep track of your service levels and performance by measuring data, rendering reports on key metrics and evaluating customer relations.

5. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction is a significant element that encourages customers to return and retain. For that, a good customer experience is a must. And understanding whether your clients are satisfied and customer satisfaction surveys help you get the idea.

AI helpdesk helps you collect customer feedback, make improvements when there’s a flaw and assist the customers throughout the sales journey.

6. Artificial Intelligence

AI promotes efficient and streamlined workflow in your organisation. It is capable of taking on complex issues with a human-like approach. The AI uses machine learning to examine and understand the sense of every customer’s words and mitigate employees’ pain from performing repetitive actions.

What Are the Benefits of Helpdesk Automation?

1. Flawless Customer Experience

According to Nextiva,  91% of customers across the globe say that a company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service influences their decision to stick with their products and services. In such a scenario, help desk automation software acts as an extra pair of hands that removes the friction from interactions between businesses and customers.

As a result, more satisfied customers who are confident in your team’s dependability keep coming back for more! 

2. Knowledge Base Software

 AI helpdesk offers a rich knowledge base that contains

  • FAQs
  • Instructions
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Fruitful Insights for your support team and customers.

Not just this, it gives freedom to customers to find answers and necessary information themselves in just a few clicks, enabling them to leave your platform with the correct information and saving business costs and agent time.

3. Ticket Management

Ticket management is significantly enhanced with an automated helpdesk. Regardless of the platform customers use to submit requests, helpdesk automation efficiently organises, routes, and closes tickets. Additionally, if necessary, it allocates the ticket to the appropriate person to increase responsibility and hasten query resolution. 

Additionally, the helpdesk handles unexpected spikes in customer queries without creating a backlog.

4. Ticket Prioritisation

The helpdesk software operators can manage the tickets of priorities as per their nature. The automation allows marking and labelling the tickets that demand immediate attention. And hence, can take care of urgent issues first. The faster the crucial issues are resolved, the faster the tickets will be closed. 

5. Reduce Outsourcing & Operational Costs

Outsourcing is a common practice for most businesses where they recruit a third party to perform tasks originally dedicated to in-house employees. Helpdesk automation can work past the barrier at a relatively low cost compared to outsourcing tasks along with hiring more manpower.

Get A Helpdesk Automation Software For Your Business Today!

Creating a seamless and error-free bridge between you and your consumers + making intelligent choices for optimising your funds and resources will significantly contribute to delivering excellent customer experiences, time and time again. 

In this case, the ‘intelligent choice’ is Helpdesk Automation which is a one-stop solution to the support problems your business is facing today! 

So, are you looking for the best helpdesk software for your company? Well, you are at the right place! We at Verloop.io have assisted businesses in offering delightful support experiences to companies across all industries.

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