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Top 10 Benefits of Adding a Chatbot on Your Website

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Top 10 Benefits of Adding a Chatbot on Your Website

Today, an ever-increasing number of businesses are incorporating chatbots into their websites to offer an unrivaled customer service experience.

Perhaps you are wondering what a web chatbot is? The simple answer is that it’s a tool integrated into your website to interact with visitors by employing a text interface automatically.

Because of their robust ability, chatbots are gaining popularity globally as a prime communicating tool. The advantages of incorporating an NLP-powered chatbot on a website are not restricted to their accessibility. In fact, you can reap countless benefits from powerful website chatbot features.

In this article, we will discuss how the integration of chatbots on websites benefits businesses. 

1. Quick and multilingual response 

A chatbot is designed to process responses in a split second and manage thousands of customer queries simultaneously. Another critical advantage of using a chatbot is that it can be customised as a multilingual chatbot to respond to clients’ questions in their local language.

This empowers your business to take advantage of new business sectors while simultaneously giving your audience a convenient user experience.

2. Personalisation 

Chatbots can access the history of a user’s interaction with your business and respond to the users’ queries accordingly. Conversational chatbots can be integrated with your CRM, ticketing, payments and other software to pull relevant data and create a personalised message.

Chatbots can offer logical and benefit-driven assistance that can considerably help businesses.

3. Higher sales

Business pioneers have asserted that, on average, the incorporation of chatbots has expanded business deals by 67%. Chatbots can acquaint users with new services and products from your website site. Delayed responses (which most customers dislike) from businesses result in lost sales. 

Chatbots can assist customers every minute of every day and offer quick responses. Consequently, the sales increase. A chatbot can provide all the necessary data to the customer to drive them into making purchase decisions.

4. Cost-saving

Implementing chatbots will cost a specific amount initially. However, this expense is much lower than the usual customer assistance model that involves employee training, employee compensation, infrastructure cost, and different essential aids. Website Chatbots are a much better option for customer support. Moreover, its maintenance costs are low. 

A study proposes that to support around 256 billion customers, businesses consistently spend almost 1.3 trillion dollars, whereas chatbots can help enterprises set aside up to 30% of that expense.

5. Increase interactions

Chatbots can increase interactions with customers in interactive ways. They can make boring processes fun. For example, customers can find the right information with clicks of buttons and not typing in the whole text.

In another example, you can collect feedback from users by asking yes/no or select an option question. This is why chatbots have higher response rates. 

6. Collect useful data

The built-in AI, chatbot analytics, and machine learning mechanism enable the chatbot to read between the lines and extract useful information from the user.

This advancement helps you obtain valuable insight into your customers’ behaviour and what kind of services they expect from your business. You can further improve your customer experience according to this data.

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7. Automation for repetitive tasks

Repetitive work in any business is tedious and increases the scope for human errors. Chatbots can come to the rescue.

One main use of chatbots is to perform repetitive business errands such as answering frequently asked questions, organising meetings and delivering smart search functions. 

8. Enable relevant ‘push notifications’

Sending notifications to your customers regarding updates about your products is an essential part of running a successful online business.

Conversational AI platforms that support chatbots can create personalised messages by using data from your customers’ interactions with your website. This way, you won’t annoy your buyers by flooding their notifications with irrelevant updates and effectively share only relevant information about your business. 

9. Reach a wider audience

Most of your potential customers are on social networking platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, which allow chatbots.

Incorporating chatbots in your business pages of these platforms will let you connect with a vast pool of customers on various networking platforms. Buyers can put their queries regarding your business which might convert into sales.

10. Lead generation

With chatbots incorporated into your website, you can efficiently collect their contact information without the users having to fill forms. It can sync this information with your CRM and share the details with your sales team who can act on it quickly.

Customer experience increases because users don’t have to fill long forms and get relevant data easily. Additionally, it’s available 24/7 to answer their questions and even suggest your company’s products or services from time to time. Chatbots thus significantly help in generating leads for your business.

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Should you add a chatbot to your website?

Hopefully, by now, you know the answer to this question! AI Chatbot for the website can be an excellent backup for the customer service team of your business.

One can use chatbots for repetitive tasks thanks to their incredible speed and easy-to-use structure. The most important thing that you need to focus on is how you would customize the communication services of your chatbot to enhance your business reputation and engage your customers.

Veerloop.io provides a fantastic platform to build conversational chatbots for websites, enabling all needed web bot features to help businesses achieve their marketing target.

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